Lucifer season 5 episode 3 recap and takeaways

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Lucifer season 5, episode 3 sees Lucifer and Michael come face to face

Emotion, secrets, and a surprising cameo, Lucifer season 5 is giving us everything we wanted and more. Let’s recap what episode 3, “Diablo!,” brings our way!

Please note there are spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Lucifer season 5, part 1. Watch all the new episodes before reading on.

Episode 3 sees Lucifer finally confronting Michael face to face. The twins fight it out and Lucifer makes it to where Michael will never be able to impersonate him again. Chloe asks Lucifer about whether being a gift from God is true or another one of Michael’s lies.

Finally, “Diablo!” leaves us wondering if Maze will once again team up with Michael. This partnership won’t have a happy ending! Let’s recap Lucifer season 5, episode 3, by highlighting the biggest takeaways.

5 takeaways from Lucifer season 5, part 1: Episode 3

A gift from God

Lucifer is back! For real this time! The hug he shares with Chloe is too cute for words! He tells Chloe that he can’t stay for long, and Chloe is understanding, but sad about it. That is until she asks Lucifer about being a gift for him from God.

Lucifer confirms that it’s true. Chloe isn’t happy about this shocking bit of news. She feels taken advantage of and as if her choices aren’t her own.

Lieutenant Diablo

Chloe is upset about being “a gift,” but our gift in episode 3 is getting a show within a show! The latest murder victim turned out to be an old friend of Lucifer’s and they would talk for hours about Lucifer’s life.

Lucifer was flattered, but now he understands the reason for these long talks — his pal has been writing a show based on Lucifer’s life, titled Lieutenant Diablo. The show is a big joke, so dumb that it’s funny.

Maze’s abandonment issues

Finally, Maze gets her chance to confront Lucifer about leaving her behind! At first, Luci believes Maze thinks he is Michael, but Maze is even more angry at Lucifer than Michael. When Maze asks him why he left, Lucifer explains that she’s not his slave anymore and she could have joined him if she really wanted to.

Maze is hurt. She’s not upset about not being able to go to Hell, she’s sad about how Lucifer didn’t think to bring her with him, like the old days. She and Luci used to be best friends, and now she comments on how everyone in her life just comes and goes.

It was always Michael

Michael confesses another truth, every major bad decision Lucifer has made was influenced by Michael. You know the saying “the devil in your ear”? Well, Michael has been whispering things to Lucifer.

From the Garden of Eve to moving to Los Angeles, it’s always been, Michael. Lucifer is furious and refuses to believe he has been manipulated since the dawn of time by his twin brother. Feeling like he has had no real control over his own fate makes him understand Chloe more.

After a physical fight with Michael, Lucifer visits Chloe to share his situation and how they’re the same, but Chloe explains that they aren’t the same at all. Chloe is only human, she isn’t used to having these problems.

To Chloe, realizing she’s in love with the Devil was a lot, and on top of it all now it turns out she’s a gift from God to him. It’s a lot to wrap your head around. She leaves the room, telling Lucifer that she believed what they had was real.

Maze and Michael

Oh no. Are Maze and Michael going to team up again? It didn’t go well last time, Chloe came out of it truly hurt. In fact, I’m surprised Chloe was so quick to forgive Maze. She may not be as forgiving this time. What is Michael scheming?

Bonus takeaway: Elvis is alive? Did you guys catch that? Lucifer tells Chloe that Michael likes to lie about being friends with Elvis, which Luci claims is impossible because Elvis is still alive and only he knows where to find him.

Lucifer season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.

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