Fans of Streaming Services Will Love These Netflix Products

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Netflix has a place in everyone’s heart. Whether it’s binging through an entire season of a show in one day or using it as background noise to fall asleep, Netflix has options for everyone. Check out these Netflix products offered at Target and Entertainment Earth.

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Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chilled Ice Cream – 16oz

The perfect addition to those late-night binge sessions. Make your rewatch of Avatar: The Last Airbender even sweeter with the Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s Collab. It is also available in a dairy-free option.

Purchase the Netflix Ice Cream for $4.59 at Target

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Netflix Stranger Things Handheld Arcade Game

Embrace both the Stranger Things universe and the 80s with the handheld Stranger Things Arcade Game. Featuring both games featured in the series as well as Stranger Things themed games, you’ll feel like you’re searching your house for a quarter to beat the high score on Dragon’s Lair.

Check out the Stranger Things Arcade Game for $29.99 at Target

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Netflixed – by Gina Keating (Paperback)

Take a break from the binging and learn about how Netflix came to be the way that it is. With a behind the scenes look at the company, you’ll learn the ways that Netflix stole the hearts of America and the world.

Check out the Netflix Book for $16.99 at Target

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Stranger Things Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game

Continuing on with the Stranger Things theme, this collectors edition is a can’t miss for any fan of the people of Hawkins. Using the tunnels underneath the town to move, you’ll feel right at home trying to beat your friends and family at this all-time classic board game.

Take a look at the Stranger Things Monopoly Game for $39.99 at Entertainment Earth

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Marvel Gallery Netflix Punisher Season 1 Statue

Talk about a power collab. Marvel and Netflix have a number of shows they’ve worked on together. Show your support for superheroes and streaming with this Punisher statue from season one.

Purchase the Marvel Punisher Season One Statue for $44.99 at Fanatics

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