Netflix should save The Baker and The Beauty

The Baker and The Beauty was just canceled at ABC after one season, and now, fans are calling on Netflix and other streaming networks to save the new series, according to a report from TV Line.

The TV series stars Victor Rasuk and Nathalie Kelley, and it tells the love story of Daniel Garcia (Rasuk), a baker who runs his family business, and supermodel Noa Hamilton.

The Baker and The Beauty was developed by Dean Georgaris, and it’s based on a very popular Israeli series.

At first glance, this show doesn’t look like much, just another network rom-dram. But, after watching a few episodes, this show has legs. There’s a solid kernel of an idea here, and there are some really interesting pieces to this story that could work at a streaming network.

After the cancellation news broke, Kelley tweeted that the show was looking for a new home.

While every canceled show these days looks for a new home, or so it seems, there’s potential for a revival to work. The question is: Will a streaming network save The Baker and The Beauty?

Will Netflix save The Baker and The Beauty

I might be in the minority, but I think Netflix should save The Baker and The Beauty. I like this show, and I think it has some serious potential at Netflix.

First of all, Netflix has become the dream home for canceled shows. Look at how well Lucifer, Longmire, and others have done after they were canceled and saved at Netflix.

This show reminds me a lot of some feel-good shows on Netflix, like Gilmore Girls, Virgin River, Sweet Magnolias, Jane the Virgin, and others, that have had great success on the streaming service.

Netflix always needs more romantic shows and movies. They always seem to be trending on the list of the top 10 most popular shows and movies on Netflix. The Baker and The Beauty has potential to be a hit at Netflix like some of those shows have in the past.

The biggest reason I think saving The Baker and The Beauty would be a good idea for Netflix is the ratings. While this show didn’t kill in the ratings department for its first season, an interesting thing happened. The finale rated higher than the premiere, which means more people tuned in at the end of the season, according to Showbuzz Daily.

More than 2.7 million households tuned in for the finale, and I guarantee all of them will be tuning back in for season 2 if Netflix saves this series. On top of that, Netflix should be able to introduce this show to millions that ABC, a broadcast network, can’t.

We’ve already seen how Netflix can introduce shows like this to a new audience and cause huge ratings jumps between seasons. We saw it recently with Riverdale and All-American, two CW shows. Those shows weren’t canceled, but they were on the brink of that before they hit Netflix. I have a feeling we’d see it again with The Baker and The Beauty if Netflix gave this show a new home.

Will Netflix save this series? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

If you want Netflix to save the show, you can send in a request for Netflix to add the show. If enough fans request the show, there’s a good chance it could be saved.

I haven’t seen a petition for Netflix to save the show yet, but doing that never hurts either!