Netflix’s The Willoughbys racks up huge viewing numbers

The Willoughbys - Credit: Netflix
The Willoughbys - Credit: Netflix /

The Willoughbys has been watched by 37.6 million households in the first month on Netflix

The Willoughbys was released on April 22 on Netflix and one month later it has been view by 37.6 million households. This film is the second original release by Netflix’s animation division that focuses on family content. Klaus, the first animated film from this division, had a record number of 30 million household views in its first month.

Variety reports that nearly 38 million individual households watched at least two minutes of the film. Netflix only registers viewers one time, they don’t account for repeat viewing.

The Willoughbys film follows a group of children who are unfortunately neglected by their parents. Their parents would rather ignore their children than have any type of interaction with them. The children decide to send their self-absorbed parents on a trip that will enable the children to search out a better family for themselves. Luckily, these children have a fun-loving nanny who is ready to go on their adventure with them.

Alessia Cara voices the oldest daughter, Jane, while Will Forte voices the son, Tim, and Vincent Tong voices the twins, who are both named Barnaby as their parents didn’t take the time to give them individual names.

Ricky Gervais voices the pet cat and serves as the droll narrator and is the executive producer of the film.  They are joined by Maya Rudolph who voices Linda, the children’s loving nanny, and Terry Crews is the candy man, Commander Melanoff. The parents are voiced by Martin Short and Jan Krakowski. So, as you can see, this film has a talented group of actors to portray the characters in this film.

This is a fun for the whole family film that will give you a fun new option during all the time you are spending at home. The Willoughby children are fun and interesting characters that everyone is sure to love.

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