Can Netflix’s Space Force replicate the success of The Office?

Space Force season 1. Image courtesy Aaron Epstein/Netflix
Space Force season 1. Image courtesy Aaron Epstein/Netflix /

Can Netflix’s upcoming comedy Space Force be as successful as The Office?

Netflix has a good lineup of comedies in its catalog, but when it comes to the Netflix Originals, it’s a hit or miss situation. The newest addition to this roster is Space Force, a new-age workplace comedy set in a fictionalized version of the new U.S. Armed Forces branch.

The series stars Steve Carell in the lead role with Greg Daniels, the creator of The Office (US), running the show.

Netflix recently released the trailer for Space Force, which is set to premiere on May 29, and it immediately became clear that Netflix is looking to replicate the success of The Office.

Currently, The Office (US) is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix, but with the coming of NBC’s own streaming platform, Peacock, the show is leaving Netflix entirely, and Space Force might be Netflix’s shot at filling that void.

It’s clear Netflix is leaning into this angle for Space Force, reuniting Carell and Daniels, and even going so far as to label the show as being from “the crew behind The Office.”

Space Force is a workspace sitcom, and the teaser showed enough of Carell being in ‘bite your fist’ predicaments, and the cast had so many legendary actors and sitcom veterans that even though the teaser is a quick and dirty one, I could tell that Netflix has a winner here.

The Office did not start with a predominantly strong cast, so this is an advantage Space Force has — familiarity. In addition to Carell, it stars John Malkovich, who needs no introduction, Ben Schwartz, who is among many things, a Parks and Rec alum, Jimmy O. Yang fresh off his Silicon Valley role, Lisa Kudrow (!) and the comedy legend Fred Willard, may he rest in peace. Not to forget Jane Lynch, Patrick Warburton, and a ton of other big names. All in all, a brilliant ensemble that is the stuff of dream fan-casts. The cast and crew are missing exactly zero things to stop this series from being Netflix’s new behemoth.

The premise is interesting too, and Space Force is bound to subvert the typical sitcom formula because of it. Space Force has the potential to beat everything The Office did.

Carell, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, discussed how the series is different from The Office, basically noting Space Force was less formulaic and more human — exactly what we need from television series right now. It has everything The Office did, plus some more, and we can expect the cast members of The Office to have appearances on the show in the future, as well.

The series premieres on Netflix on May 29. Are you excited? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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