5 good Netflix movies this weekend: The Half of It, Back to the Future and more

The Half Of It - Leah Lewis, Collin Chou - Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey
The Half Of It - Leah Lewis, Collin Chou - Photo Credit: Netflix / KC Bailey /

It’s the start of the new month, which means plenty of new content to watch. Feeling overwhelmed? Here are Five good Netflix movies to watch this weekend, May 2-3.

This is a good weekend to watch as much as you can on Netflix. It’s the start of the month, which means lots of great new content. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the full list? It’s time to look at the five best Netflix movies to check out from May 2 to 3.

There is something for all on this list. Whether you want a YA rom-com, a thriller, or something for the whole family, we’ve got you covered.

5. Mrs. Serial Killer

Let’s start with one of the original Netflix movies on the streaming service. May 1 saw the arrival of thriller Mrs. Serial Killer. When a doctor is arrested for murder, a wife does everything she can to prove that he is innocent. Yes, she even goes as far as killing in the style of the murderer to prove that he’s still out there. What if her husband is the murderer, though?

4. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

For those looking for an old-school comedy, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a movie worth checking out. It’s great for Jim Carrey fans, but certainly not a movie for the entire family. The movie needs no introduction as the title pretty much tells you what’s going on. Okay, so the critics hated the movie—but then it is Jim Carrey, so of course they did! Audiences loved it. If you somehow missed it the first time, you need to watch it now.

3. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

When it comes to something for the family, look no further than Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. It’s not as good as the first, but it’s still a brilliant story about four animals who go on an adventure together. And yes, the penguins are featured and have some of the best moments throughout the entire movie.

2. Back to the Future

A comedy that is more suitable for the younger people in the family is Back to the Future. The first two movies are on Netflix right now. The first is the best, but the second doesn’t suffer the sophomore slump that most other sequels do. Michael J. Fox stars as a teen who ends up in the past, where he needs to find a way to make sure his parents definitely get together.

1. The Half of It

This weekend is all about one of the original Netflix movies. It’s the rom-com The Half of It. On the surface, it’s a YA queer romance story. Deep down, there’s much more to the story. It’s all about friendship and love. While the end gets a bit messy, it’s something To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before fans need to check out.

Which Netflix movies are you watching this weekend? Share in the comments below.

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