10 best Stranger Things episodes to watch on Netflix

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Best Stranger Things episodes
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

10. The Body

Season 1, Episode 4

The first season shook viewers from the start! But it’s episode 4, “The Body,” where events go from 0 to 100 in a flash. This episode is the one where we knew things were about to get very real for our favorite group of friends.

In “The Body,” the search for Will continues as his friends and family refuse to believe he is dead. No one is more convinced that Will is trapped and struggling to return home than his mother, Joyce, who is desperately trying to connect with him.

Hopper tells Joyce she is grieving and imagining things that aren’t there, but a mother just knows. And Joyce is determined to find Will. Hopper may be in disbelief, but El knows very well where Will is. The best moment in this episode has to be when El channels Will through the radio.

9. The Mind Flayer

Season 2, Episode 8

Fans of Stranger Things shipped Joyce and Hopper from day one. There was just something about the two that we loved. When Bob entered Joyce’s life, we were hesitant at first to accept him. Who does he think he is, right? But Bob melted our hearts faster than an ice pop in the summer!

It only took a few scenes for audiences to love Sean Astin’s character. He truly had the best intentions and loved Joyce and her kids. His death is, to this day, the saddest moment in the series. Seeing Bob being killed by Demodogs is a moment we won’t ever forget. At least we can all say that Bob died a hero.