Ozark season 3 ending explained: Why was (SPOILER) killed?


The Ozark season 3 ending is a shocker,  and we have a lot to discuss after watching the Ozark season 3 finale. Spoilers ahead!

There are Ozark season 3 spoilers ahead! Do not proceed unless you want to know the Ozark season 3 ending!

The final episode of Ozark season 3, titled “All In,” was one of the best and most shocking episodes of the series so far! And, it came after the best episode of the series yet, the ninth episode, titled “Fire Pink.”

It’s been a hard road for the Byrdes in season 3. They’ve dealt with a lot of problems from the FBI to the Navarro cartel to the Lagunas cartel to the Kansas City mob. It’s been one thing after another.

It all comes home in the Ozark season 3 finale. This push-pull relationship between Helen Peirce, the cartel lawyer, and the Byrdes was resolved. Here’s how:

Ozark season 3 ending

Marty and Wendy (and Helen)

After Wendy turned her brother over to Nelson, Helen’s bodyguard and hitman, Wendy was really struggling with the death of her brother. Unfortunately, she had to get her head back in the game because Helen was quickly working to cut the Byrdes out of all their deals.

Helen had already spoken with Charles Wilkes and was getting her name on the casino license. On the surface, it looked like Helen was cutting the Byrdes out, and that’s indeed what she was doing.

Helen also arranged for a deal between Marty and the FBI, and Helen forged Marty’s signature on the document. It looks like she was trying to set Marty up and make it seem, to Navarro, that Marty was a rat. Navarro could, then, kill the Byrdes, and Helen would be done with all their nonsense.

Meanwhile, Marty has been working Special Agent Maya Miller to help her and the FBI start investigating and stopping the Lagunas cartel. Marty puts together a packet of information connect the Lagunas cartel to

Navarro brings Marty, Wendy, Helen, and his children down to Mexico for the baptism of his son. Earlier, we saw the Lagunas cartel interrupt the first baptism and kill most of the attendees. Hopefully, the next one is safer.

Maya tips off Marty right before they jump on the plane and alerts him to Helen’s plan.

When they land and arrive at Navarro’s house/compound, Nelson shoots Helen in the head.

Navarro, then, says to Wendy and Marty, “Today… Well, today is our beginning.”

And, the season ends!

OZARK – Jason Bateman and Laura Linney – Credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX
OZARK – Jason Bateman and Laura Linney – Credit: STEVE DIETL/NETFLIX /

I don’t know what exactly to make of it, but I’m guessing that, somehow, Maya was able to get the FBI to open an inquiry into the Lagunas cartel. Regardless, Navarro probably realized how valuable the Byrdes could be to his operation. They have a casino running pretty smoothly, and they have a relationship with Agent Miller.

I’m not sure what Helen was doing, exactly, throughout the third season, but it seems like she wasn’t helping solve any of the problems. When Wendy started talking directly with Navarro, Helen didn’t really have a place at the table anymore.

It’s also possible that Navarro found out about what Helen was trying to do with Marty, which could further implicate him or hinder his businesses down the line. Without Marty, clearly, Navarro has a much harder time moving money, even if Marty is not doing all he can to move said money.


After Ben was killed, Ruth decided it was time to leave the business with the Byrdes. Unfortunately, she fell right into the spider’s web. Ruth seems to be running with Darlene after Darlene shot Frank Cosgrove, Jr.

Ruth agrees to help Darlene and Wyatt move heroin in the season 3 finale, which likely puts her, now, in direct opposition with the Navarro cartel.

This is not a good situation. On one side, you have Darlene and the Langmores working with the Kansas City mob. On the other, you have the Byrdes and the Navarro cartel. The Ozarks ain’t big enough for the both of them.

I smell trouble coming for Ruth in season 4. Hopefully, she’s not trapped in Darlene’s web. Of all the characters in this show, Darlene is clearly the most unpredictable.

Ozark season 3

Jonah and Charlotte

Jonah was also prominently featured in the season 3 finale. After Ben’s death, Jonah is angry and sad, and he doesn’t know how to express himself. Charlotte does what she can to stop Jonah from doing something stupid, but he turns her away.

After that, he nearly kills Helen, right before she was going to leave for Mexico with Marty and Wendy. What a scene that would have been!

Helen talks her way out of it, and eventually, Jonah realizes that Wendy and Marty must have been in on Ben’s death.

Jonah returns home where he looks at Ben’s ashes, and then he shoots a hole in the window.

This is not a good sign for the Byrdes heading into season 4. For most of the third season, the Byrde kids were supporting, to a certain extent, what their parents were doing. Now, I don’t know that Jonah is entirely on board. That could be a problem in season 4.

So, that’s the Ozark season 3 ending! This show should definitely be renewed for season 4. It’s only a matter of waiting now!

Stay tuned for more news about Ozark season 4!

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