5 new Netflix shows to watch in April 2020

Never Have I Ever on Netflix. Photo courtesy Netflix
Never Have I Ever on Netflix. Photo courtesy Netflix /

We shared a list of five new Netflix shows to watch in April 2020, including  Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever and more.

After a great month of amazing new movies, such as The Platform, and captivating shows such as the third season of Ozark, Netflix isn’t slowing down! The month of April 2020 is looking very promising with a diverse slate of upcoming new Netflix shows to watch!

In fact, this could be the best month of the year yet for the streaming giant. Coming during a time where we are all relying on streaming content, we couldn’t be more excited!

There are new seasons of Nailed It! (out April 1) and Money Heist (out April 3) ahead, but what about new shows making their big debut? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of new content to look forward to! Let’s get to it. Here are 5 new shows to watch on Netflix in April 2020.

New Netflix shows to watch in April 2020

5. Brews Brothers

They say no one knows you better than your brother and that brothers are best friends for life, but those people have yet to meet Wilhelm (Alan Aisenberg) and Adam Rodman (Mike Castle), two estranged brothers who decide to run a brewery together. They may both be braumeisters, but that’s pretty much all they share in common!

Grab a beer and stream the comedy series on April 10.

4. The Innocence Files

On the heels of Netflix’s true crime drama success, the streaming titan is premiering The Innocence Files on April 15. The documentary series follows personal stories behind eight untold cases of wrongful conviction. The series consists of nine episodes, each broken up into three parts: The Evidence, The Witness, and The Prosecution, all to expose America’s flawed criminal justice system.

3. Too Hot to Handle

If you enjoyed The Circle and Love is Blindthere’s more trash TV drama where that came from! Too Hot to Handle follows 10 hot and young singles who believe they are in for the most sexual and exotic vacation of their lives, but there’s a twist!

If they want to win the prize money of $100,000, they’ll need to do everything in their power to control their urges. This means no casual hookups. Any naughty mistake they make will decrease the money they can win. Stream it on April 17.

2. Cooked with Cannabis

Kelis Rogers and Leather Storrs are hosting Cooked with Cannabis on Netflix, a cooking competition series that’ll see contestants creating a three-course meal with cannabis as the main ingredient. Special guests will help judge the meals in the six-episode series. Cooked with Cannabis streams, you guessed it, on April 20.

1. Never Have I Ever

Netflix is saving one of the best comedies of April for last! Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever premieres April 27 and stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi, a first-generation Indian American girl desperate for an exciting high school year. The comedy is based on Kaling’s life growing up and many of her personal experiences.

Which new Netflix shows will you be watching in April 2020? Did any new shows from the list catch your interest?

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