5 good ’80s movie characters we want to see in Stranger Things


Stranger Things has drummed up many nostalgic feelings for those who grew up in the ’80s. Here are five 80s characters we would love to see in the series.

For those who grew up in the 80s, many things in the Netflix original series Stranger Things mirror the way of life they experienced while growing up. From the fashions to the home decor to the fact they ate at the table as a family, life overall just seemed a little bit more relaxed.

With this nostalgia comes many similarities to movies that were popular in the ’80s. The fact that Billy looked quite similar to Rob Lowe’s character in St. Elmos Fire, and strangely enough, was named Billy. Barbara had the same hair and glasses as Martha Plimpton’s character Step in Goonies. Hopper definitely has an Indiana Jones look to him.

In addition to character resemblances, there were many references to ’80s movies, including Ghostbusters, Halloween, and many more. It made me think other ’80s characters would fit right in with the rest of the Stranger Things characters.

I picked five movie characters from the ’80s that would fit right into Stranger Things, and shared the list below.

Mikey – Goonies

Mikey was the leader of the Goonies group. Everyone met at his house and followed his lead, even when his older brother Brand tried to take charge. Mikey proved himself to be brave and loyal throughout the movie. He felt a kindred connection to One-Eyed Willie.

Even when they found Willie’s treasure, he told everyone they could take anything they could carry except a specific pile of gold coins he was saving for the dead pirate. I think Mikey would enjoy hanging with the Stranger Things crew and be able to contribute to the goings-on in Hawkins or wherever they find themselves next. With his great sense of direction, as we saw through the tunnels in Goonies, he would do a great job leading the group and hopefully finding Hopper.

Ash – The Evil Dead

Ash is a quirky character that is well-loved among the fans of The Evil Dead. He would add a comedic element to the series in addition to his ability to kick some butt. He would have to switch his focus to alien life forms instead of the Deadites.

And, his chainsaw arm would come in extremely handy in taking down some demogorgons. He is entirely self-serving, but he gets the job done. Now, keep in mind we are only talking Ash, not his alter ego, Bad Ash. He would be a good one to have around when new threats come about so he could eliminate them.

Sarah Connor – The Terminator

She may have started as a damsel in distress, but Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies proved to be a warrior. She was a mother who would do anything to protect her son, and that would fit right in helping take care of Will and the gang. I would like to see her come alongside Joyce and take care of all the kids and work together to protect each other.

John McClane – Die Hard

And, of course, we need Detective Lieutenant John McClane from Die Hard. Even though it was West Germans he took on at Nakatomi Plaza, I am sure, being the cowboy he is, he could also handle some Russians and aliens.

He would also add an additional comedic element, and the fight scenes could be kicked up a notch. Plus, he would give us great one-liners we could quote for the rest of our days.

John would be a stand-in for Hopper until he is located. And, he could take up that role with ease and if/when Hopper is found they could team-up.

Ripley – Alien

When dealing with aliens, Ripley, from the Aliens movies series, knows her stuff.  She is one of the first female protagonists in cinema and knows how to handle herself when dealing with extraterrestrials. She is brave and strong and has no fear when it comes to destroying creatures, not of this world. I can see Riley leading the group into new areas they may encounter and doing her best to destroy anything that threatens them.

There are many more ’80s characters that would fit into the Strangers Things world. These are just a few that would fit right in considering their background.

What other ’80s characters could you see fitting right in with the Stranger Things Cast? Let us know in the comments.

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