Atypical renewed for a fourth and final season at Netflix

ATYPICAL - Beth Dubber/Netflix
ATYPICAL - Beth Dubber/Netflix /

Netflix has officially renewed Atypical for a fourth and final season! The new season is expected to hit the streaming service in early 2021.

Atypical season 4 is happening! The Netflix original series has been officially renewed for a fourth and final season. Netflix took to social media early Monday morning by posting an announcement video and the internet is already buzzing with excitement.

The new season will consist of 10 episodes, staying true to the first three seasons of the series.

Many of our favorites are set to return for the final season of Atypical including, Keir Gilchrist, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bridgette Lundy-Paine, Michael Rapaport, Nik Dondani, Jenna Boyd and many others.

Season 3 debuted in November 2019, so we knew Netflix was going to make an announcement very soon about the status of season 4. Most of the Netflix original series run for about four seasons so the news that season four would be the final one should not be a total shock.

Watch the announcement below!

Another reason we were positive that season 4 was going to happen,was because there were some unanswered questions presented in season 3.

After Elsa nearly destroyed her marriage with Doug, we finally got some clarity on what is going to happen with this complicated relationship. Despite everything that happened, they have re-committed to their marriage. At least for now. I can see season 4 going in many different directions when it comes to those two, so it will be interesting to see what transpires.

We know Casey has unfinished business as well despite making the decision to choose Izzie over Evan. It was clear that Casey always had a lot of love for Evan but when she was around Izzie, you got the feeling of deep love and connection between them. How will Casey’s track pursuits go now?

But I think the biggest story that I’m most looking forward to seeing is Sam’s departure from his family home. This will be the first time he will be on his own without his parents as he prepares for adult life. Granted, he’s in college now living with Zahid, but it’s still a major step for Sam.

We’ve seen these characters grow through three seasons and I can’t wait to see what the fourth and final season of Atypical has in store for the Gardner family and their friends.

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