Ragnarok is Netflix’s next must-watch teen drama

The new Netflix original series Ragnarok is a must-watch teen drama with references and storylines Norse mythology fans will love.

Ragnarok, a Netflix original series, is now available to stream on Netflix, as of Friday, Jan. 31. If you like Norse mythology, this is the new Netflix show for you!

The series gives a modern look into ancient Norse history, as well as Norway’s myths and legends starting with the title. Ragnarok is an ancient Norse myth about a series of events that eventually lead up to the end of the world, including the deaths of Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr and Loki to name a few.

According to the legend, natural events like floods will cover Norway underwater, and after an indeterminate time the earth will be reborn, but with only two human survivors. This is the main gist of Ragnarok, although there are slight variations of the myth. Ragnarok is the final battle between the Norse gods (Aesir) and the frost giants on the plains of Vigrid, according to Norse Mythology.

The Netflix series begins in present-day Edda, Norway, a fictional town. According to a teacher at the Edda Secondary School, the town was the last town in Norway to convert to Christianity from the old religion. Edda also happens to be the historical location for the mythological Ragnarok where the final battle of the gods took place.

Just knowing these two facts tells you that a major battle is brewing in this series. Is history going to repeat itself? These are all just myths and legends. They’re not real, right?

Enter Magne (David Stakston), a tall-blonde young man who, along with his brother and mother, has moved back to this small town. Shortly after, Magne begins to have weird experiences. He no longer needs his glasses to see, and he is also becoming unusually strong.

Magne is hearing voices and seems to know about events that are going to happen before they actually do happen. He is also becoming so attuned to the weather that he can predict what the weather will be.

Sound familiar? Is there a hammer involved?

Well, you will have to watch this must-watch series to find out. Ragnarok is loaded with enough secrets, hints, and weird happenings to keep you on the edge of your seat. The story will pull you in and keep you interested in each episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ragnorak didn’t become another Netflix hit of the early year.

Will you be watching Ragnarok on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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