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Every season of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina continues to get better and darker. Many events happened in Greendale and Hell during Part 3. But here are 5 burning questions I have about the newest season. Spoilers ahead!

It’s overwhelming thinking about everything that happened in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3. There were many Riverdale Easter eggs, so the possibility of a crossover is still lingering on most minds. Then, there was a mysterious time egg that hatched and a Back to the Future time travel issue.

Let’s look at five burning questions in more detail and see what next season may have in store for fans.

5. Will we get a Riverdale crossover?

There have several Riverdale Easter eggs throughout the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Part 3 is no exception. In case you missed any of Riverdale references in the newest season, here’s a list.

Episode 1: While Prudence and Ambrose are searching for Father Blackwood in New Orleans, Prudence uses a glamour to look like Cheryl Blossom’s mother, The Red Dahlia, Penelope. Prudence must have seen Penelope at some point, so that she could take on this appearance. Maybe she saw Penelope at The Maple Club?

Episode 2: Did you recognize the ice cream man? In episode 2, Sabrina has the unfortunate task of dragging souls to hell. One of those souls is the town’s ice cream man who likes to park his truck outside Greendale High. The actor, Matty Finochio, plays the host in a new episode of Riverdale titled “Quiz Show.”

Is this actor playing two different roles? Or, is the host also the ice cream man?

Episode 3: Sabrina is tasked with finding Herod’s Crown during her Unholy Regalia quest. Ambrose and Sabrina locate the crown in a tree near the Blossom property.

Also, in episode 3, Bad Boy Billy interacts with Harvey. Billy was interviewed by Betty in season 4 of Riverdale. In episode 3 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, he competes in a carnival game with Harvey.

Episode 6: While Hilda is dealing with her transformation into a spider, she asks Dr. Cee to pick up a burger and milkshake from a great spot in Riverdale. That shop is Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. In the same episode, a South Side Serpent enters Cerberus Books while Dr. Cee is out getting food for Hilda.

Unfortunately for the Serpent, Hilda has fully turned into a spider and devours him. Will the South Side Serpents realize one of their own vanished while visiting Greendale?

4. Will Hilda and Dr. Cee have a televised wedding?

Hilda and Dr. Cee have had an adorable relationship full of supernatural discussions. They went through some very trying times this season. But even after all their struggles, the couple seems happier than ever.

Zelda didn’t take the engagement news well, but I think most of us are curious to see what a witch wedding entails. I hope we get to see the wedding instead of Hilda and Dr. Cee getting married off-screen, between seasons.

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3. What’s going on in everyone’s love life?

There are several love connections in Greendale. For Sabrina, we know Nick ended things with her. She wasn’t happy about their break up, but it’s clear Nick does not want to be with her anymore. I think many people hoped Sabrina would get back with Harvey, but it looks like things are getting hot and heavy between him and Roz now. I think it’s safe to say Sabrina is currently single and may have a brand new love interest or may remain single next season. Either way, we want Sabrina to be happy.

The relationship between Prudence and Ambrose seems finished. Prudence was extremely mad at Ambrose at the end of the season. Ambrose looked heartbroken as she stormed away from him.

The most confusing new love is between Zelda and Mambo Marie. They didn’t seem to have any romantic chemistry throughout Part 3, but during the finale, they shared a very intimate kiss! What’s in store for the new love birds? Two powerful witches can cook up quite a bit.

2. What did Father Blackwood unleash from the egg?

During the last episode of Part 3, Father Blackwood performs a ceremony with the time egg. The egg is on an altar, and Blackwood stabs it with a knife. We see a cracked egg, and the creature within is not there. But we don’t know what it is.

Whatever Blackwood unleashed, it sounds like it can fly, and it likes to make loud screeching noises. I’m sure whatever it is will be in the next season, but we’ll have a long time to speculate on what creature popped out of the egg.

1. What trouble did Sabrina create with the time paradox?

Sabrina decided to keep two versions of herself alive instead of closing the time loop. Sabrina Morningstar is now the Queen of Hell. The other version is living like a typical teenager with her Spellman family. Ambrose noticed something was going on, and Sabrina explained what she had done.

Ambrose is distraught while Sabrina seems to not have a trouble in the world. It’s safe to say the time paradox will be a big part of the next season. But what repercussions are in store for Greendale and Hell because of Sabrina’s decision?

What questions do you have surrounding the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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