The Masked Singer spin-offs: Should an athletic competition be developed next?

With Fox developing a dancing spin-off to The Masked Singer, could an athletic competition be developed next?

Earlier this week, Fox announced that they’d be developing a spinoff to The Masked Singer, tiled The Masked Dancer. The dancing-based competition is based on a segment from The Ellen SHow, though the concept is expected to be identical to that of The Masked Singer.

What’s so intriguing about Fox greenlighting a dancing spin-off is now the floodgates have been opened for all sorts of ideas to be developed. Not every concept that includes a masked theme is guaranteed to be successful, but one we’ve been pondering over could work.

After looking at the different ideas involving masked contestants, the most doable one has to be an athletic competition. Professional athletes are usually skilled in playing a variety of sports even if they specialize in a specific one, making them ideal contestants. Just look at all the football players who dabbled in professional wrestling and MMA fighting; some of the most notable names include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Brendan Schaub.

Fans should also pay attention to Victor Oladipo, who played part in season 2 of The Masked Singer. He’s relevant because, initially, no one expected an NBA player to be under the Thingamajig’s mask. All kinds of guesses were made, but hardly anyone guessed Oladipo would be the mystery performer.

The biggest takeaway from athletes being so multifaceted is that they would excel at a masked competition. Some digging would have to be done for qualified individuals, but Fox already has a huge list of athletes they could call on to participate.

It’s no secret that Fox Sports dominates in coverage of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and every other sports organization in the United States. The network is also the new home to WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown, so there’s an even bigger roster of talented men and women who can be called on to participate in a show presumably titled “The Masked Athlete”.

As far as what kind of contests could be held, a three-point or halfcourt shot in basketball sounds like the best bet. Others could go on to include a home run contest in baseball, a tug-of-war for competitors with bigger builds, and a spiral throwing contest in football.

While those are decent suggestions for possible games, the producers at Fox could probably come up with more tantalizing ideas. Of course, we still have to wait and see if the network intends on developing more spin-offs to The Masked Singer. 

Do you want to see The Masked Athlete developed? Let us know in the comments.

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