God is coming to Lucifer season 5, setting up a divine family reunion

To make the upcoming final season of the show epic in every way, Dennis Haysbert is joining Lucifer as God.

We’ve heard him speak before (all thanks to Neil Gaiman), but this time around, God is ready to make a season-long appearance in Lucifer like a boss.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Devil is going to meet his father, the almighty God, face to face in the finale of Lucifer. Dennis Haysbert, last spotted in Netflix’s Secret Obsession, was reportedly showrunner Joe Henderson’s first choice for the role, and Haysbert has been cast to play God in the final season of the Netflix original series.

Now, other than witnessing a 24 reunion on the set, Lucifans can expect a divine family reunion of Lucifer, Amenadiel and God. While we don’t know the plot details yet for sure, the drama is going to be rich in this one and we are here for the tea.

That being said (spoilers ahead!), last we saw our Lucifer, he was on his way back to hell as Chloe sobbed. Will Lucifer return to earth for Chloe or will something else force him to come back? Only time will tell.

Lucifer season 5, the last one ever, is going to release later this year and Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Scarlett Estevez, Rachael Harris and Aimee Garcia along with Tom Ellis are believed to return to resume their roles. The exact release date is yet to be revealed by Netflix.

What we do know currently is the upcoming season will consist of 16 episodes, split into two parts. The streaming site will first air eight episodes, and then the rest after a break, which if you think about it, can serve as the season 6 fans have been asking for.

And, there’s going to be music! Tom Ellis took to his Instagram to share a clip and has revealed that the whole cast had a great time shooting the episode. Check out the video below:


The full episode is going to be in black and white, set in the 1940s! Along with the devil, Lesley-Ann Brandt and Lauren German are confirmed to be a part of the musical. All of them, however, will not be playing their characters. The episode will take place in an alternate universe.

Are you ready for all hell to break loose as you cry? We can hardly wait! Watch this space for more updates on Lucifer season 5!

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