Riverdale gift guide: 5 good gifts for Riverdale fans this holiday season

A list of five good holiday gifts for Riverdale fans, including shirts, board games, comics, and more.

Riverdale is in the middle of a great fourth season on The CW, and there are more Riverdale fans than ever before. If you’re looking for a great gift for a fan of Riverdale this holiday season, you came to the right place.

Below, you’ll find the five best gifts for fans of the hit CW series!

Jughead Beanie – $10

If you have big Jughead Jones fan in your life, this is the perfect gift. You can get a beanie that very closely resembles the beanie Cole Sprouse wears in the hit series for only $10. The beanie is exclusively available at Hot Topic right now.

Pop’s Neon Logo Hoodie – $32

This is my top pick for a Riverdale gift this season! I love the Pop’s logo, which makes this sweatshirt perfect. If you like the logo but also want the world-famous milkshake from Pop’s on the back, you can get this hoodie, too!

Southside Serpents Mini-Backpack – $28

Calling all South Serpents! This is the backpack for you, and it’s in Cheryl Red, too. The backpack comes with a Southside Serpents patch on the flap. It’s really cool.

The backpack also comes in the Jughead Jones-version, as well. It’s black leather and a little bit more expensive at $32.

Riverdale Clue – $34

Aside from Settlers of Catan, Clue is the best board game. Seeing as I haven’t seen a Settlers of Riverdale game yet, Riverdale Clue is the board game to buy any fan of the series this holiday season.

Instead of playing as Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Colonel Mustard, and the rest of the normal characters, you get to play as the Riverdale characters: Jughead, Archie, Cheryl, Betty, Veronica, and Josie.

All the popular locations are also included: the high school, Thornhill, The Penbrooke and more! What are the murder weapons? Well, that’d be your normal weapons, like maple syrup, a snake, a baseball bat and more!

This is the best gift to get any fan this Christmas!

Archie Comics Unlimited Subscription  – $7.99/month

Archie Comics Unlimited in the perfect gift for the fan in your life. Riverdale is, of course, based on the Archie comics characters, and there are so many great stories alive in the comics that will never make it to the screen.

For only $7.99 per month, you get access to thousands of Archie Comics stories. All you need is a tablet or computer to make it happen. I read Archie Comics all the time on my iPad and highly recommend it to any Riverdale fans.

If you know specific comics or issues your loved one enjoys, you can also purchase individual volumes at the Archie Comics Store, as well.

The hit series airs weekly on The CW. The fourth season of the series is coming to Netflix in May 2020.

Happy holidays!

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