Christmas 2019: Where to stream Home Alone 2

Home Alone 2 is as funny as the first film. Where is this hilarious movie being streamed this Christmas?

For many, Christmas is all about family togetherness with plates of food, candy, cookies, and holiday drinks laid out on the coffee table, and of course, movies. When it is time to watch a good Christmas movie together, there are few better picks than Home Alone 2.

Although Netflix, HBO, and Hulu have tons of fabulous seasonal movies that would entertain the whole family, Home Alone 2 isn’t one of them. You can watch this priceless sequel on Disney Plus where your entire family will be entertained by Kevin McCallister’s antics. If you want, you can start with the original Home Alone first and then stream the sequel.

All three movies are available to stream on Disney Plus this holiday season.

Home Alone 2 takes place the following year after the Paris mishap. This time the McCallister family is going to Florida for Christmas. Once again, the family misses the alarm, and once again, they have to race to the airport, but this time Kevin is with them. So, how does Kevin wind up alone again?

As the family races down the airline terminals, Kevin is also trying to put batteries inside his voice recorder. He loses sight of his father and follows another man wearing the same kind of coat his dad was wearing. Kevin follows that man onto the plane that is headed to New York while his family gets on the plane to Florida.

To make matters worse, The Wet Bandits escaped from prison and are also in New York and, unfortunately, they not only want revenge but plan to rob a toy store that donates the day’s earnings to a children’s hospital. Can young Kevin outsmart The Wet Bandits once more and save Christmas for the children’s hospital?

Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern return as the The Wet Bandits’ and John Heard and Catherine O’Hara return as Kevin’s long-suffering parents.

Will you be watching Home Alone 2 or will be you watching one of the many other Christmas movies currently streaming on Disney Plus? Let us know what you will be watching in the comment section below.