The Knight Before Christmas is the perfect Netflix holiday rom-com

The Knight Before Christmas - Josh Whitehouse, Vanessa Hudgens - Photo Credit: Netflix / Brooke Palmer
The Knight Before Christmas - Josh Whitehouse, Vanessa Hudgens - Photo Credit: Netflix / Brooke Palmer /

The Knight Before Christmas is a Christmas movie full of romance, friendship, and affectionate families. Grab some hot chocolate and enjoy this film bursting with holiday spirit on Netflix!

The Knight Before Christmas starts in Norwich, England, in the year 1334. Several knights are taking off on a hawking adventure. Whichever knight finds the hawk first wins. While searching the forest for the hawk, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) meets an Old Crone. She tells him he is about to leave on a quest in a faraway land.

In Ohio, in 2019, Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) is spending time with her niece, Claire (Isabelle Franca), in a Christmas village. Claire thoughtfully asks Santa if her aunt can have a new boyfriend for Christmas. Sir Cole and Brooke have their meet-cute soon after when Brooke spills hot chocolate on Sir Cole’s armor. Later on, Brooke accidentally drives her car into Sir Cole as she’s trying to make her way home in a snowstorm.

Brooke takes on the responsibility of caring for Sir Cole. She believes he injured his head during the car accident and wanted to make sure he was alright while getting his memories back. Cole is fascinated by his new surroundings. He tries new cuisines, develops an obsession with hot chocolate, and learns to deal with the always attentive Alexa. Cole even learns modern speech by binge-watching TV shows.

You can catch a glimpse of another Netflix Christmas movie, Holiday in the Wild, while Cole is camped out on the couch.

Brooke and Cole develop a close friendship in a short amount of time. They are both incredibly kind to one another and share many thoughtful Christmas memories. Brooke learns of Cole’s need to fulfill a quest and continually asks if his journey was completed yet. Eventually, he learns what his real quest is and meets the request of the crone.

The Knight Before Christmas is a rom-com Christmas movie that will fill your heart with Christmas joy. It feels like Enchanted in many ways but without any singing or animation. Hudgens and Whitehouse have adorable chemistry. Brooke’s character is fascinated by Sir Cole’s speech and behavior. She never makes fun of him or puts him down. She offers to help him even though she’s slightly convinced he’s healing from head trauma.

Cole is equally interested in Brooke’s life and how she lives in the modern world. This movie is a loving story with several wonderful plot points that bring to light the real meaning of Christmas. The Knight Before Christmas is one of Netflix’s best romantic Christmas movies. There’s an abundance of love and laughs while watching this movie.

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The Knight Before Christmas is available to stream on Netflix as of Nov. 21, 2019. It’s also on the list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix!

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