Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham: An exclusive look into the creation of animation

Green Eggs and Ham - Credit: Netflix
Green Eggs and Ham - Credit: Netflix /

Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham has certainly brought the children’s book to life. Now it’s time to go behind the scenes in this exclusive featurette.

There is no doubt that you read the Dr. Seuss books as a kid. They’re a collection of books my children have had since they were born, books that we read over and over again. There have been various adaptations of them over the years, but there’s something special about Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham.

This is the animation of the books brought to life. Netflix has now released a featurette into the series, and we have the exclusive first look at this behind-the-scenes video.

Green Eggs and Ham is more than just an adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book. It uses the original animation, bringing it to life so that you feel you’re transported back into the world that you grew up with. This wasn’t an easy task, as showrunner Jared Stern explains in the featurette. The worlds of Dr. Seuss are detailed and exquisite. This was a huge challenge for the team, but they’ve certainly lived up to high expectations.

The featurette also takes us into the literal creation of the animation. If you think that something feels vastly different to the animation of BoJack Horseman or even Amazon’s Undone, that’s because it is. Everything is hand-drawn in 2D and that’s the way the animation remains. It gives you that feeling of the books, as well as the Saturday morning cartoons that you grew up watching.

It’s no wonder that Green Eggs and Ham quickly landed an all-star cast when you look at how much work has been put into the series. It boasts the likes of Adam Devine and Michael Douglas doing the lead roles, Keegan-Michael Key narrating the story, and Diane Keaton, Eddie Izzard, Tracy Morgan, and so many more offering voices for the many characters.

The book itself has always been a quirky, fun tale. Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham has brought that to life in more ways than one.

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Green Eggs and Ham is now available to stream on Netflix.

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