The Office new deleted scene: Ryan cries after angry tirade

Even though it’s 2019, new footage from The Office is still being uncovered. NBC released a deleted scene this past week which will undoubtedly have fans talking. Continue reading for our breakdown of the footage.

NBC’s reason for unveiling another deleted scene from The Office at this time is unclear, but we’re excited they did.

The clip in question is from season 5 and focuses mainly on Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak) making his return to Scranton as a temp assistant. It’s a bit depressing because the scene shows Ryan tearing up as David Wallace chews him out over the phone.

At about halfway into the deleted scene, the camera flips to Ryan answering Dunder Mifflin’s phone when he unexpectedly receives a call from David Wallace. Ryan’s former/current boss is in disbelief of his re-hiring and proceeds to berate him for several minutes. Mind you, David doesn’t just hurl insults at him, he yells to the point that Ryan becomes visibly flustered.

Once the rant ends, Ryan patches David Wallace into Michael’s phone. The anger continues in another tirade, this time aimed at Michael Scott (Steve Carell). David is furious but allows Ryan to remain working for them on the condition that Michael be held responsible for his new ward.

Watch the clip below!

When Ryan returns to the documentary crew for his testimonial, he’s in tears. This is completely out of character for him considering he never dropped the arrogant facade, never. Even when Ryan concocted a plan to convince DeAngelo (Will Ferrell) that Kelly (Mindy Kaling) worked for him, he kept his cool and played the part. But with David Wallace, he reached a breaking point.

It’s never good to see someone cry, but the deleted scene served well to show audiences that Ryan had a human side, too. He always seemed so self-absorbed and full of arrogance that we never expected him to show real emotion. Of course, in the end, he turned out to have a sensitive side no one knew existed.

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