25 best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix in 2019

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES - Credit: Michael Gibson/Netflix
THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES - Credit: Michael Gibson/Netflix /
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The Princess Switch 5 good movies to watch on Netflix on Christmas Eve
The Princess Switch – Credit: Production Still /

7. The Princess Switch

One of Netflix’s newer Christmas movies is The Princess Switch which came out in 2018. In it, a baker, Stacy, from Chicago who has given up on love enters a baking competition in the country of Belgravia. When she gets in, she makes her way there with her assistant, Kevin, and his precocious daughter, Olivia.

Little does she know that when she gets there, she’s going to meet a woman who looks exactly like her who also happens to be a Duchess. When they do meet,they decide to trade places so Duchess Margaret can have a break from her duties before she must marry the Prince of Belgravia and Stacy gets Margaret to agree to sponsor Olivia for the Belgravia ballet program in return.

So Stacy goes to the palace and Margaret heads to the place Stacy’s friends are staying.

But when they begin to live each other’s lives, they find that they like them much better than theirs. Margaret quickly falls for Kevin and Stacy quickly falls for Prince Edward. Unfortunately, they can’t switch forever. Stacy must compete in the baking competition and Margaret has to go back to her royal life.

But, as tends to happen with these types of stories, their secret eventually gets out (Olivia figures them out almost immediately). Stacy may win the competition, but she rather have Edward than any trophy. And Margaret rather have a normal life with Kevin than be a princess.

Fortunately, this is a Christmas romance and wishes do come true during this time of year. If you’re looking for an incredibly cute holiday romance, you need to check out The Princess Switch.

The Princess Switch is also getting a sequel! The film is slated for a Christmas release in 2020.