5 good Netflix shows to watch Halloween weekend

You on Netflix photo via Netflix Media Center
You on Netflix photo via Netflix Media Center /

A list of five good Netflix shows to watch Halloween weekend, including You, Black Summer, and more!

Halloween is right around the corner! There’s a ton of great content on Netflix to watch this month, and it may feel overwhelming trying to narrow down what to watch. But don’t worry, here are five Netflix shows that will keep you feeling spooked all weekend.

There are several big-name Netflix shows to consider watching during Halloween weekend. But there are also many lesser-known shows with interesting stories. The shows listed below are easy weekend binges because they have fewer seasons than some of the more talked-about shows.

5. Ghoul

Ghoul is an Indian horror miniseries based on Arab folklore surrounding a monster, the Ghoul. The story is set in India in a dystopian future where fascism is on top. The main story is about an interrogation of a terrorist in a secret government internment camp. There are supernatural events that occur within the camp.

There’s one season on Netflix, and Ghoul is a great option for Halloween weekend if you are interested in supernatural type horror.

4. Marianne

Marianne is a French horror TV show about an author who realizes the characters she writes in her horror novels are also in the real world. The young novelist, Emma, is being haunted and followed by a witch named Marianne. There’s one season of Marianne on Netflix, and it’s an easy binge-watch during Halloween weekend. Prepare for a few jumps and a lot of suspense.

3. Haunted

Haunted is a reality docu-series with two seasons currently on Netflix. Each episode features a person or a group telling a true story about how they were haunted in real life. The episodes are under 30 minutes each and don’t need to be watched in order. You may find yourself questioning some of the stories as real, but the writers assure us that each story is true. If you like paranormal stories, this is a great choice for your Halloween weekend.

2. Black Summer

Black Summer is a zombie-filled TV show with one season on Netflix. Black Summer focuses more on action and zombies than drama, like many other zombie shows. The story follows a mother trying to find her daughter. The series focuses on alternating perspectives.

The ensemble of characters is not heroized or glamorized. Black Summer takes a unique approach by showing the viewer what it would be like with regular people finding themselves in a zombie apocalypse. If you need a zombie-fix during Halloween weekend, give Black Summer a shot.

1. You

You follows a book store worker, Joe, as he meets Beck. He becomes infatuated with Beck instantly and stalks her. Their story is unique, confusing, and troubling. Joe has a complex personality and makes some horrible decisions throughout the season. You will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you may shout at your screen a couple of times.

If you are into psychological thrillers, You is the perfect option for Halloween weekend. There’s only one season on Netflix right now, but season 2 should arrive soon.

No matter your horror taste, there’s something for you to watch on Netflix during Halloween weekend. I want to point out some honorable mentions. If you haven’t watched the following shows, they are also fantastic options to watch.

If those shows don’t do it for you, we picked these shows as honorable mentions: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Mindhunter, and Santa Clarita Diet.

Good luck choosing, and happy Halloween!

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