5 major things we learned from the Daybreak panel at New York Comic-Con 2019

DAYBREAK -- Photo credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
DAYBREAK -- Photo credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

NYCC 2019 brought us a screening of the Daybreak series premiere. After that, we got a Q&A panel, which revealed plenty of exciting info about the show.

Daybreak is possibly not what you were expecting at first. It’s Mad Max meets Zombieland meets Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Yes, this is a show that is guaranteed to make you laugh, but it also makes you question humanity.

If you thought high school was bad, wait until you find out what the apocalypse could be like. In this world, anyone over the age of 18 has either been killed or has turned into what is known as a “ghoulie.” Those under 18 have had to fend for themselves, and what better way than through the cliques created in high school?

During the NYCC 2019 panel, we did get a screening of the series premiere. We also got a Q&A session that led to a lot of interesting information shared. Here are the five top things we learned about Daybreak on Netflix.

5. Every episode will be from another POV

The first episode is told from Josh Wheeler’s (Colin Ford) point of view. That’s standard, and he has a very typical backstory of falling in love with the nice girl at school. We get this romanticized view of Sam Dean told through Josh’s eyes.

In fact, we get to see all the characters through Josh’s eyes. But don’t expect that to always be the case.

Each episode is going to take us through the other character’s points of view. We’ll learn about them from their own eyes, and that also means learning about how and why they connect with certain characters. One to look out for is Angelica’s point of view, as the only 10-year-old around. How is she holding up without her parents?

These different points of view will also give us a chance to learn more about Sam Dean. She is the one that Josh is looking for, which means all our main protagonists are looking for. But is she really as nice as Josh thinks she is or is she hiding a few secrets of her own?

4. The Supernatural references are by chance

There are many Supernatural references throughout the show. The biggest one is the name of one of the main characters: Sam Dean.

It just so happens that Colin Ford is the lead male character on the show. He played Young Sam Winchester in Supernatural for a few episodes. So, you can imagine that fans were curious about the connections. Was it all planned out?

Sorry to say, but the Supernatural references were all there by chance. That doesn’t mean there won’t be more in the future if Daybreak gets a second season.

3. We’ll get to learn what happens to teens that turn 18

The adults didn’t survive the nuclear blast. Anyone over the age of 18 was either killed or turning into a ghoulie—they’re not zombies but are zombie-like. But what about the teens that will be close to turning 18?

This is something that will be brought up in the show. The radiation is still out there and it doesn’t sound great for those who are on the cusp of adulthood in the show. This could explain some of Turbo’s outfit since we don’t get a look at his face and he doesn’t speak.

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2. Mona Lisa isn’t your typical antagonist

Jeanté Godlock plays Mona Lisa in Daybreak, who we meet in the premiere. She’s Turbo’s “right-hand woman,” and is willing to do what it takes to remain the top dog. She and Turbo are the antagonists of the series, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a heart.

This is a dark series. There’s going to be a lot of violence against teens, which creates some questions about morals. Turbo doesn’t seem to care, but I get the feeling based on NYCC that we’ll see Mona Lisa reacting against Turbo at times.

Her storyline is complicated, but it’s going to be fulfilling. It sounds like it was a lot of fun to play.

1. The actors immediately became their characters

The casting is perfectly on-point for the series. Each of the actors immediately became their characters, and they’ve had a lot of fun doing the show. You can tell from their interactions at NYCC that they all get along well and just want to have fun.

Gregory Kasyan who plays Eli Cardashyan (make a note of the different spelling to the surname!) has helped to create the lines for his character. The showrunners explained that when Eli would say something, they would text the sayings to the writers to make sure the lines were added in.

Wesley Fists, one of the jocks-turned-protagonists in the series, wears a beautiful and colorful Japanese shirt in the apocalypse setting. You’ll see Japanese writing all over it, which actually says Daybreak. The show is brilliantly meta.

What are you excited to see in Daybreak? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Daybreak debuts on Oct. 24 on Netflix.

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