31 best Netflix movies to watch for Halloween 2019

Photo Credit: Bird Box/Netflix, Acquired From Netflix Media Center
Photo Credit: Bird Box/Netflix, Acquired From Netflix Media Center /
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13. Gerald’s Game

Release Year: 2017

Directed By: Mike Flanagan

Cast: Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Carel Struycken, Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel, Chiara Aurelia

Following the release of the It remake, Netflix followed up with another Stephen King adaptation, Gerald’s Game. It would actually be the first of the streaming service’s planned King projects since 1922 premiered a few weeks later. Gerald’s Game was directly based on King’s 1992 novel.

Gerald’s Game centers on a husband and wife, Gerald and Jessie (Greenwood and Gugino), as they stay at an isolated lake house during a vacation. Gerald intends to act out a rape fantasy on his wife so he handcuffs her to the bed. Jessie becomes very uncomfortable and the two get into an argument before Gerald suffers a heart attack. Gerald then dies, leaving Jessie restrained to the bed with no way to get help. After suffering from dehydration and fatigue, Jessie starts to suffer from hallucination.

The movie was directed by Mike Flanagan, the mind behind Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House. Gerald’s Game stars Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas, and Kate Siegel, who all went on to work on The Haunting of Hill House alongside Flanagan. The psychological horror gained positive reviews who praised Gugino for her performance as well as the themes presented in the movie.