Marianne season 2: 5 questions the horror series still needs to answer

Photo: Marianne - Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix
Photo: Marianne - Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix /
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Marianne on Netflix, photo credit: EMMANUEL GUIMIER/Netflix
Marianne on Netflix, photo credit: EMMANUEL GUIMIER/Netflix /

Emma’s dad

What exactly does Emma’s dad remember from his disappearance? Do Marianne’s victims, those who are put under her spell, remember anything from their horrible experiences? Camille sure does! She’s so haunted by what happened, she doesn’t even dare speak.

We’ll chat about Camille more in just a second, but, in the meantime, what do you think about Emma’s dad? Is he off the hook for good? Is he holding something back out of fear?

The big city

Before Emma was able to break free, Marianne was taking her to “the big city” where Emma’s deceased mother, friends, and even Marianne’s husband were waiting, or so claimed the witch. Emma asks the evil witch if her loved ones are dead, to which Marianne replies that they’re free and better than every before. Hmm, we doubt that’s true, but are so curious about this place.

Could the big city be Hell? Was Marianne trying to take Emma to Hell with her? For a second, while watching, I was afraid we were about to meet Marianne’s husband, which is the devil. And then, after we don’t meet him, I felt disappointed.

Do you think he’ll make an appearance next season? As if this series wasn’t already incredibly frightening, meeting the Devil will sure kick things up a notch or two.

I’m also wondering what else could be in this big city. Marianne can’t possibly be the only witch, right? How many more are out there?