Stranger Things and the 20 best Netflix shows to watch for Halloween 2019

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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MINDHUNTER – Credit: Netflix
MINDHUNTER – Credit: Netflix /

2. Mindhunter

What’s scarier than a show about serial killers that are based on real-life stories? Mindhunter may be wildly entertaining, but once you remember that the victims and the killers are all real, it becomes a whole lot more creepy and terrifying. Which, of course, makes it the perfect show to watch on Halloween.

The series follows FBI agents, Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they go across the country interviewing serial killers to learn what they all have in common, what makes them tick, and how their pasts affect the crimes they ended up committing.

They, along with Dr. Wendy Carr,  then analyze the information they collect and come up with profiles so they can catch killers more easily in the future.

The first season consists mainly of Holden and Bill interviewing the Co-ed Killer and explores Holden’s journey from new recruit to him getting too close to the killers they talk to (A serial killer should not feel comfortable hugging you, Holden).

In the second season, the agents must head to Atlanta to try to help the local police department catch the Atlanta Child Killer. They deal with multiple obstacles in the way as well as their own personal issues.

While Mindhunter is not what you might think of when you think of things to watch on Halloween, it’s plenty scary. Try listening to the Co-Ed Killer describe what he did to his victims and then try to go to sleep at night. It’s not easy. So if you’re looking for something that’s really scary without witches, ghosts, or demons, Mindhunter might be the way to go.