Stranger Things and the 20 best Netflix shows to watch for Halloween 2019

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9. Lucifer

The show is called Lucifer…what more needs to be said for how appropriate it is to watch on Halloween? And the fact that he helps solve crime with a detective from the LAPD makes it even more perfect. Murder and the Devil? Those things scream Halloween.

While Lucifer isn’t the scariest show on Netflix, it definitely has its moments. Lucifer’s “Devil face” is the stuff of nightmares, there are more than a few gruesome murders, and Lucifer loses his cool a time or two leading to quite a bit of violence. But overall, it’s more fun than anything else and isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

Sure, it’s about giving yourself a good scare, but it’s about candy, costumes and fun. And really, there is nothing more fun than watching Lucifer do whatever he wants, be oblivious to social cues, and watching Chloe not realize he is actually who he says he is until season 3 (how?!).

But Lucifer and Chloe aren’t the only fun parts of the show. Maze is probably the best character the show has. She has no qualms about being exactly who she is, even if that means carrying a couple of daggers wherever she goes and threatening to kill people left and right.

She is who she is and she’s not willing to change for anyone. Well, she may be willing to change a little bit for Chloe’s daughter, Trixie. But no one else!

Lucifer is campy, fun, part procedural and part drama, and the perfect show to watch on All Hallow’s Eve. All four seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.