Preacher Season 4: Eugene finally gets revenge on Jesse

Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers, Ian Colletti as Eugene Root/Arseface - Preacher _ Season 4, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television
Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers, Ian Colletti as Eugene Root/Arseface - Preacher _ Season 4, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television /

The most recent episode of AMC’s Preacher ended with Eugene delivering Jesse Custer directly to the Saint of Killers. Will this be the revenge he’s so eagerly sought after?

It hasn’t seemed like it lately but Eugene (Ian Colletti) has a huge ax to grind with Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) on AMC’s Preacher series. He sent Eugene to Hell and didn’t bother trying to bring him back when multiple opportunities came up. That’s put a damper on Jesse and Eugene’s relationship but rightfully so.

Now, however, Eugene is in control of the situation. He masked his intentions long enough in the previous episode to lure Jesse into a trap, one where the Saint of Killers was there waiting for them. Eugene also put a bullet through Jesse’s torso so the scales are almost evened out.

The bad news is Eugene might not get the sweet revenge he’s been searching for after all. The promo for Season 4, Episode 6 hints at Jesse and the Saint coming to an accord of some kind. The Saint of Killers can be heard saying “let’s go kill God” which probably means they’re teaming up to take down the corrupted Almighty Father.

Regardless of their plans, Eugene is going to be furious when he finds out the Saint of Killers didn’t execute Jesse. That was supposedly his plan for the longest time and now he’s suddenly changed his mind.

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Going back on that won’t sit well with the confused youth and he may lash out because of it. Of course, what could the kid accomplish on his own? Yeah, he’s skilled enough to break out of Hell but can he really kill Jesse or the Saint of Killers by himself? More importantly, does Eugene have it in him to pull the trigger?

While it does seem like Eugene is determined to kill Jesse Custer, maybe he’ll settle for a consolation prize. Glimpses at Jesse in TV spots for Preacher’s final season have shown him with an eyepatch on, indicating he’ll lose an eye. This happened in the comics after an altercation between Jesse and God but perhaps it’ll be Eugene who rips it from his skull in the television adaptation. Or, maybe the Saint of Killers takes it as collateral in their agreement to kill God.

As we mentioned before, the promo above confirms Jesse and the Saint will team up to kill God. How they plan to accomplish such a task is anyone’s guess, though it’ll likely come from some combination of the Saint’s revolvers and Genesis. But since Jesse has been dishonest at every turn, the Saint of Killers will probably request a sacrifice in return for his help. Jesse can’t give up his life or anything he needs in a fight but an eye is a justifiable sacrifice.

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Whatever the case may be, Eugene still has unfinished business with Jesse Custer and we expect for them to resolve the situation before the season’s end. The question is: Will the bout conclude with one of their deaths?

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Preacher airs Sundays on AMC. Seasons 1-3 are currently streaming on Hulu. Season 4 streams exclusively on the AMC app.

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