Family Reunion star Tia Mowry talks the value of education

Photo: Actress Tia Mowry.. Courtesy Diana Ragland
Photo: Actress Tia Mowry.. Courtesy Diana Ragland /

Tia Mowry’s Netflix series Family Reunion educates viewers through comedy, and now the actress is helping education with Walgreens’ WE Teachers program.

As Cocoa McKellan in the Netflix original sitcom Family Reunion, Tia Mowry is making people laugh but also educating them about important issues. The show’s first 10 episodes have covered topics like racism, different religions, and interactions with the police, serving up comedy but also being honest about what affects families every day.

Off-screen, Mowry has that same goal. She has partnered with Walgreens on their new WE Teachers initiative, which encourages students and parents to nominate a teacher for a WE Teachers Award, that will give them a $500 gift card to buy supplies for their classroom—instead of having to go into their own pocket.

WE Teachers is more than handing out awards. It’s also providing valuable resources for educators and schools, so that they can inform students about challenges and issues they may face, just like Family Reunion.

WE Teachers has prepared material on topics like diversity and inclusion, bullying, and mental health, so that schools and teachers are better prepared to help their classes deal with these topics.

Netflix Life connected with Tia for a video interview to discuss why you should watch Family Reunion, the appeal of sitcoms and how they can be used as a platform to educate and inspire, and her newest work with Walgreens and WE Teachers. She’s made us laugh for more than 20 years, and she’s also making the world a better place, too.

Play the video below to check out our interview with Tia Mowry, then get more information on the program and how you can get involved here.

Family Reunion season 1 is streaming now on Netflix. For more on Family Reunion and other Netflix originals, check out the Netflix Originals section of Netflix Life.

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