Stranger Things 3: Theories about Eleven and her powers

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

In Stranger Things 3, Eleven deals with the loss of her powers while battling the monster that is attacking the town of Hawkins

Throughout the Stranger Things season 3, Eleven is using her powers a lot. She was battling The Mind Flayer and going into Billy’s mind. One of the many unexpected things in the show was when Eleven loses her powers. It may be because she over exerted herself but there is no definite answer to why her powers are currently gone.

She doesn’t even realize she lost them until she is battling the Mind Flayer, which is the absolute worst time that she could lose her powers. The Mind Flayer was coming after her directly and she was powerless and helpless. She didn’t have the usual strength she could depend on.

You can tell that when she realizes that she doesn’t have her powers she gets very frustrated and upset. These powers have been a part of her since she can remember. She has always had them and hopefully will continue to have them. Many of the characters depend on her and her powers to defeat the monsters that come to Hawkins.

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Can you imagine what previous seasons of Stanger Things would be like if she didn’t have her powers? It has definitely been a huge asset to this group of people to have Eleven in their corner.

Stranger Things season 3 has a lot of people asking if she will ever get her powers back. We do see after the 3-month jump when they are moving out that Eleven still doesn’t have her powers back and that doesn’t look like a great sign. The fans want to hope that this is just temporary but to know for sure it looks like we will have to wait.

What will Eleven without powers be like? Will she get her powers back? If she doesn’t what does that mean for the future of Hawkins and the Upside Down? There was a part in the show when the Mind Flayer was in her.

Could her powers have been taken away somehow and given to someone or something else?  It will be interesting to see in the following season how Eleven will adapt to not having powers for a little while.

Do you think Eleven will get her powers back? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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