Ghost Adventures Season 19 premiere: Investigation of the Crescent Hotel

Zak, Aaron, and the rest of the GAC explore the beautiful town of Eureka Springs, AR before they make their way to the Crescent Hotel at the top of the mountain. We’re here to find out what’s frightening some of the hotel staff, and what’s lurking in some of the active rooms and in the former morgue in the basement.
Zak, Aaron, and the rest of the GAC explore the beautiful town of Eureka Springs, AR before they make their way to the Crescent Hotel at the top of the mountain. We’re here to find out what’s frightening some of the hotel staff, and what’s lurking in some of the active rooms and in the former morgue in the basement. /

The Ghost Adventures’ crew kicked off Season 19 with an investigation of the Crescent Hotel. The hotel located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is rumored to be haunted by at least five apparitions — one of whom could be a demon.

Warning! Spoilers for the latest season premiere of Ghost Adventures follow. Read on at your own discretion.

Originally built in 1886, the Crescent Hotel has a sordid history. It only remained as a hotel for about thirty-eight years when it was shut down in 1924. The establishment was later reopened in 1930 as a junior college. However, Crescent College for women was only open for four years before closing down permanently in 1934.

Around three years later, a charlatan named Norman Baker reopened the hotel as the Baker Cancer Cure Center — a cancer treatment center where Baker touted that he had discovered a cure for the disease.

People who were short on hope flocked to the Baker cancer treatment center to partake of his cure. Except, Baker who wasn’t even a medical doctor, only delivered death. The treatment center was open from 1937 to 1940, because Baker who had been run out of Iowa for similar scams,  was still under the watchful eye of the feds.  After finally gathering enough evidence of his fraudulent activities, the feds arrested him in 1940.

Norman Baker is supposedly one of five spirits rumored to haunt the hotel. The other four include the lady in the mist, the little boy, Michael, and a demon. The Ghost Adventures team was hoping to confirm the identity of the spirits as well as connect with them during this lockdown since they heard paranormal incidents happened frequently.

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What did the Ghost Adventures’ crew find on their investigation?

Apparently, there is also a geological explanation for the high level of paranormal activity at the hotel. The surrounding land is composed out of Limestone and Sandstone built above water — raw materials that grant spirits the energy to manifest themselves. Crescent hotel is literally built upon a paranormal battery, which explains why the paranormal activity is so high at this hotel.

The Ghost Adventures team captured quite a bit of evidence during their lockdown and appeared to have made contact with at least three of the five targeted spirits. Unfortunately, the demon wasn’t one of them.

It was reported by a tour guide that she had at least three tourists faint when touring the third floor. The Lady of the Mist supposedly was either pushed or she jumped from the balcony on the third floor. Could the tourists have been sensitive to the energy of the young girl’s death?

During their investigation, our ghost hunters seemingly captured EVP’s suggesting the girl did exist and her name might have been “Rose.” Legend has it that she committed suicide after being jilted by a lover.

There is no information on who the girl was — what her name is or even if the story is true. However, three different people fainting near where the girl reportedly fell to her death seems to support there had been such a death.

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Room 218 is rumored to be where a stonemason by the name of Michael fell to his death.  A sculpture of the man stands in lobby of the hotel in his memory.  The team captured EVP’s and noises from that room suggesting that Michael was trying to make contact.

Numerous EVP’s were captured of a male spirit supposedly saying, “Got credit?” leading the team to believe that this was Norman Baker himself. As money was his primary reason for creating the cancer treatment center. The man did make his living off the suffering of others,  which leads the team to the notorious “pain room.”

A room where the sick and dying were transported away from the healthier patients. Where abandoned and alone, these poor souls in their final moments died in excruciating pain. There were no records of how much Baker charged for his so-called cure, but at his trial, it was estimated he fleeced his patients of over four million dollars.

Surprising, that with all the pain and suffering this center has experienced, there was no apparent activity from the patients themselves. The team may have captured one EVP supposedly saying, “I’m a victim,” but the lack of activity from the patients is unusual. Paranormal investigators state that spirits who die harshly usually want their stories to be heard. With the energy provided by this location, and the pain and suffering these people went through, you would think they would want their stories told.

All in all, though this was a good episode. Maybe, because of the enhanced energy provided by the limestone and sandstone, the team collected quite a bit of evidence. They even caught on camera, curtains moving on their own and a mist trying to manifest on the second floor.

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They captured numerous EVP’s and even noises in the morgue. There was very little dramatization provided by the team members. They stuck to the scientific evidence. A brief comment about how cold it was in the morgue — alluding to how the temperature drops when spirits are around. Except, before they went into the hotel, it was noted that the outside temp was 24 degrees. Very sensitive to tell the difference between outside and inside cold.

Do you think the Crescent Hotel could be haunted by the hospital’s former patients? And did the Ghost Adventures’ crew fail to see the various spirits during their investigation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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