Stranger Things 3: Netflix shares new poster with lots of clues

Stranger Things- Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things- Credit: Netflix /

There are some clues about Stranger Things 3 in the new key art (poster) Netflix shared one month ahead of the season premiere on July 4, 2019.

Exactly one month before the season premiere of Stranger Things 3, Netflix shared the new key art (poster) for the new season, and it’s awesome!

The streaming network shared the new poster on all of their social media channels. Like usual with anything Stranger Things, there’s always more than initially meets the eye, and this new poster is no exception. The poster appears to have some big clues about the season ahead.

From top to bottom, the poster has the tagline for the season “One summer can change everything.” I’m not sure how much I like the quantity this slogan has been thrown around. I don’t want everything to change in Hawkins. I want these kids to have a chance to grow up without monsters trying to destroy them. Is that too much to ask? Probably.

Below that, we see the logo for the new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins. We know the mall plays a huge role as one of the main settings of the season, and we’ve already seen the inside of the mall in a few teasers and trailers.

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Then, we have most of our main characters surrounded by fireworks (it’s July 4, after all): Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Max, Steve, Lucas, Will, Erica (Lucas’s little sister), Jonathan, Robin (NEW CHARACTER), Nancy, Hopper and Joyce.

Check out the poster below, via Netflix:

Stranger Things 3 – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 – Credit: Netflix /

The bottom of the poster is where things really get interesting. On the left, we see a dude with a machine gun. I don’t think we’ve met him yet, but I think it’s the guy with the gun at the Fun Fair in the Stranger Things 3 trailer. It looked like he was tracking down Eleven. We’ll find out more information soon.

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In the middle, it’s the monster from the trailer. Who or what is it? We don’t know yet, but there are some great theories as to who or what it could be. Personally, I think it’s Dustin’s turtle, but that’s just a guess. Scattered all around the monster we see tons of dead rats. What’s killing them? Why are they dying? I don’t like that at all!

And, on the right side, we see Billy walking outside of a warehouse called Brimborn Steelworks. It looks like it’s no longer in use, and it leads me to believe this is the same warehouse we see the rats running through in the teaser and trailer.

We also know, or at least think, it’s Billy that gets bit by something, possibly a rat, and we see him dealing with that bite in the trailer. There’s also an episode from this season called “The Bite.”

What do you think of the new poster for Stranger Things 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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