10 things we’ll miss most about the Marvel-Netflix shows

Marvel's The Defenders - Credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix
Marvel's The Defenders - Credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix /
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5. The villains

The MCU movies have, let’s face it, not always delivered the best bad guys. The Marvel-Netflix shows, though, have been serving up top-tier tyrants since Daredevil season 1.

Kingpin, Kilgrave, Cottonmouth, Billy Russo, Bullseye, Davos… The list goes on. Each of them proved to be multi-layered, fascinating foes, often complimented by a personal connection or a compelling dynamic with our heroes.

The Marvel universe will be a safer place without them, yes, but a less interesting one.

4. The excellent female characters

Jessica Jones might be the only Defenders-verse series to have a female lead, but each and every one of them has several well-rounded women who often steal the show away from the male protagonists.

Just some of the awesome female characters who populate this corner of the MCU include Claire Temple, Karen Page, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Trish Walker and Dinah Madani. And let’s not forget the ladies on the dark side either, like Jeri Hogarth, Elektra Natchios and Mariah Dillard.

They all deserved their own spinoffs – particularly Colleen and Misty! – but sadly it was not to be.

3. The maturity

We’re blessed with many great superhero shows these days. The comic book fun of the Arrowverse, the teen drama of Runaways and Cloak and Dagger, the craziness of The Umbrella Academy… But what the Marvel-Netflix series brought to the table was a maturity not always found in the genre.

The Defenders shows weren’t afraid to get dark and gritty, but not just for the sake of it – they were adept at digging deep into the heroes’ flaws and failings and depicting them as real people. They also often displayed heavy themes. e.g. Frank Castle’s PTSD and survivor’s guilt and Jessica Jones’ experience with assault.

Sometimes it’s nice to be challenged and mentally stimulated as you watch superheroes punch things.

2. The performances

I’ve talked a lot about the characters in these shows, but now it’s time to remind you just how incredibly talented the assembled casts of these series are.

Honestly, Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter and Jon Bernthal give three of the finest lead performances in a television series around. If it wasn’t for the stigma attached to the genre, they would have each earned an Emmy nomination for their efforts. Likewise, we’ve been lucky enough to have acclaimed stars like Vincent D’onofrio, Mahershala Ali and even Sigourney Weaver deliver sublime villainous performances.

It’ll be a loss not getting to watch these highly skilled casts bounce off each other ever again.

1. The quality

Overall, however, the main thing we’ll miss about the Marvel-Netflix shows is the general high-quality television that they were.

Sure, the 13-episode structure sometimes caused some lagging and certain seasons are better than others but, for the reasons I’ve established already, there is so much else about the Defenders series that made them appointment viewing. The writing, performances, action choreography, even the themes.

So make the most of binge-watching Jessica Jones‘s third and finale season when it arrives on June 14, ’cause it’s the last of its kind. Thank you, Marvel-Netflix shows. It’s been a blast.

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