15 best Stranger Things quotes to live by

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix /

“I don’t care if anyone believes me!” – Joyce

Episode: “Chapter Four: The Body”

Simple but powerful, this line comes midway through the first season when the single mother Joyce Byers is at her wit’s end trying to find her lost son.

By this point in the season, Joyce has seen the fake corpse of her son, has strung Christmas lights around her house to talk to him and has seen and heard him behind the walls. She is indeed at the end of her metaphorical rope.

After her erratic behavior in the store that she works at and her refusal to believe the government employees who show her the ‘corpse’ of Will, she proclaims “I don’t care if anyone believes me” in reference to whether or not Will is alive and that she has communicated with him. This line shows just how determined Joyce is to find her boy. She will do anything for what she believes is the truth and so far she hasn’t gotten help from anyone.

The line is a display of how strong Joyce is as a character, despite being just a single mother of two young boys she does what the whole town can’t do, and that keeps up hope that Will is still out there. If it wasn’t for Joyce continuing to try to find Will, he might never have escaped the upside down.

Most importantly the quote simply shows that to get what we want in life we have to be determined and follow what our hearts tell us even if everyone else says we are wrong. Joyce is a strong, determined character and it is her willpower that eventually leads her back to her son.