15 best Stranger Things quotes to live by

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“It’s gonna be okay. Remember, Bob Newby, superhero.” – Bob

Episode: “The Mind Flayer” 

Bob, dear, sweet, Bob. This is Bob’s last line to Joyce before he leaves on his suicide mission to unlock the doors for the group so that they can escape the overrun labs. Obviously, this little trip ends in Bob’s inevitable sacrifice in order to make sure that the rest of the group can escape.

Bob was a character introduced to the show in the second season, and at first, most fans had a mixed reaction to him. On one hand, he was played by veteran genre actor Sean Astin, and on the other hand, fans really wanted to see Joyce and Hopper end up together. Like the kids, we were a little untrustworthy of Bob at first.

Over the course of the season, we come to realize that Bob is simply a generous, good-natured, kind man who cares for Joyce and her sons and just wants to help out. His good-natured personality endeared him to fans so it was all the more heart-wrenching when his death came in this episode.

Bob is the kind of down-to-earth, simple character that reminds us that sometimes those kinds of people can be the biggest heroes. It doesn’t take some kind of valiant warrior to save the day all you need to do is be brave and always try to do the right thing for the people you love and that makes you a superhero just like Bob Newby.