One-Punch Man Season 2 recap: The Monster Association rises!

Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media
Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media /

The latest episode of One-Punch Man changed the game by introducing a hierarchy of monsters enlisted in a group called the Monster Association. Is this the beginning of the end for Earth’s heroes?

In Season 2, Episode 7 of One-Punch Man, the Hero Association sends out its’ strongest heroes to combat the hordes of demons attacking their metropoleis. Even the S-Class heroes are dispatched but their continued efforts won’t be enough to defeat the armies that Monster King Orochi has at his disposal.

Orochi, the leader of the Monster Association, made his introduction in this very episode. He doesn’t formally introduce himself but Orochi makes it quite clear that he possesses an unlimited supply of monsters. Is it possible the Monster King can create legions of minions just by willing it so?

The more important aspect to consider is what Orochi’s legions are doing on the streets. Not only are they destroying various cities but they’re also recruiting heroes. The monsters aren’t asking heroes to switch sides for philosophical reasons, they want to create more of their brethren by transforming heroes into monsters themselves.

Haragiri, one of the heroes who was persuaded into becoming a monster, attempts to convince the Council Of Swordmasters to join him. He suggests the alternative to being a hero by revealing three organic orbs called “Monster Cells”.

Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media
Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media /

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According to Haragiri, a human who consumes one of the Monster Cells can cast aside their humanoid bodies for that of a monster. Haragiri showcases how this is possible by transforming right there in front of his fellow swordmasters. He then threatens them with death. They’re all visibly shocked by Haragiri defecting, everyone except for Atomic Samurai.

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Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media
Photo: One-Punch Man. Courtesy VIZ Media /

Once Haragiri transforms and prepares to strike with his blade, Atomic Samurai jumps at the challenge. The audience is prepared to witness a prolonged showdown but Atomic Samurai slices right through Haragiri before he can land a single strike. The monstrous warrior is shredded but the threat of heroes becoming monsters is rather concerning.

Aside from the obvious, these Monster Cells could wind up being used on heroes against their will. There are plenty of heroes too weak to resist a Demon-level monster and that can become a serious problem if subdued heroes become monsters. Let’s just hope Garou doesn’t learn of the Monster Cells because he’ll undoubtedly consume one or more of the cells, — if he hasn’t consumed one already — becoming an even deadlier threat to humans and heroes alike.

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