After Game of Thrones, it’s time for Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

With Game of Thrones coming to an end, we’re ready for the next big TV series: Stranger Things 3. Luckily, this show is on Netflix!

Game of Thrones is officially over after the series finale aired on Sunday night. The final season will probably be the most-watched season of TV ever when the official numbers come out. It’s hard to imagine a show ever being bigger than Game of Thrones, although there are a few monster shows in the works at a few networks, including the Game of Thrones prequels at HBO.

Now that Game of Thrones has ended, it’s time for the next big show: Stranger Things 3. At the time of publishing, the new season is only 44 days away! For those who don’t know, Stranger Things 3 premieres on July 4.

It’s been about a year and a half, at the time of publishing, since we saw Stranger Things 2, so if you’ve already forgotten what happened, it might be time for a rewatch on Netflix.

At the end of the second season, Eleven and Hopper closed the gate to The Upside Down. Will, along with the help of Joyce, Jonathan and Nancy, fought off the Mind Flayer. The kids of Hawkins reunited at the Snow Ball, and it all paved the way for Stranger Things 3, which is set in the “summer of love,” according to the cast.

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Stranger Things 3 kicks off more than a year after the events of the second season. It’s the summer of 1985 in Hawkins, and our Hawkins heroes are growing up and fast. Over the course of the summer, we’ll see our young heroes face the many trials teenagers face as they grow up, change and learn about themselves.

There’s also a new mall in Hawkins, the Starcourt Mall, and it’s going to be a main attraction for many characters this season. Steve is working at the mall at Scoops Ahoy, a new ice cream shop, which should give our young heroes after-hours access to the most desirable place in Hawkins this summer. The mall might not be everything it seems, though.

Most importantly, though, there are new threats in Hawkins. We don’t know much about the dangers lurking in the shadows, but we know the Mind Flayer has to be involved. The Upside Down figures to play a factor, and there is at least one new variation of a monster in the new season.

While all those monsters involve the supernatural, the people of Hawkins might be just as bad. We know there’s something up with the new Mayor, Mayor Kline, played by Cary Elwes. In the trailer, we also got our first look at a likely assassin, who appears to be hunting Eleven. That might be wrong, but that’s what appears to be happening in the trailer.

There’s so much we don’t know about this season, but now that Game of Thrones is over, I’m expecting a shift in Stranger Things 3 promotion in the next few weeks. It’s been a while since we saw new footage from the new season!

Stay tuned for more news about Stranger Things 3! 

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