Is Game of Thrones headed towards the most boring ending imaginable?


Game of Thrones’ eight seasons has set up a multitude of different, groundbreaking endings, all for the purpose of building to a dramatic conclusion. Though, it seems like the show is coming to a disappointing and predictable climax.

To be fair, there are still two episodes of Game of Thrones to go. We could be vastly underestimating the series’ grand finale but after “The Last of the Starks,” we’re just going to say it: the ending is gonna leave a lot to be desired.

From our perspective, it seems like the Game of Thrones’ writers looked at all the possibilities, examined all the wonderful female characters left of the board, considered all the ways it could shock us and amaze us, and then decided to go with the blandest ending imaginable.

Basically, their plan is for Daenerys to go mad, Jon (or someone else has to kill her), and then history repeats itself. What a satisfying ending to a show that brought us joy for eight years, said no fan ever.

Look, Daenerys fan or not, the idea that the show cannot let her rule in peace because her fate is tied to her father is concerning. Similarly, the way that GOT can’t let Sansa rule the North without men underestimating her left and right, brings up similar worries. We’ve watched this show long enough to know that happy endings aren’t in the cards but we remained invested for the superb storytelling. That being said, the episodes leading up to the finale have given us second thoughts.

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Most, if not all of the good twists, are things George R.R. Martin has already written—or things that he shared with the HBO showrunners. And while it’s easy for them to write a good show, they’ve seemingly had a difficult time laying out an epic finale, mainly because the final decision has come down to the show’s producers and not Martin.

However, with two episodes left, the GOT writers may yet surprise us. They’ve used up all their shock value, and at this point, the only thing that would absolutely floor me would be a happy ending of some sort. Of course, a major twist could turn things around in the finale.

What are your expectations for the series finale of Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments section below.

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