Schwinn to release new Stranger Things bike on May 15

Stranger Things - Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix /

Schwinn is releasing a new Stranger Things bike modeled after Lucas Sinclair’s bike from the Netflix original series. The new bike is available on May 15.

There’s a new Stranger Things-themed bike coming from Schwinn next week!

For the second straight year, Schwinn is releasing a Stranger Things-themed limited edition bike. This year, the bike is modeled after Lucas Sinclair’s (Caleb McLaughlin) bike from the first two seasons of Stranger Things and will be available to purchase on Amazon on May 15, according to a press release from Schwinn.

Last year, Schwinn released a new bike designed like Mike Wheeler’s bike, and according to the press release, the bike sold out in five days! If you want this new bike, you’ll have to jump on it.

This bike has it all; the banana seat, Lucas’s camo bandana hanging off the seat, the spotlight on the front. It’s perfect for fans of the hit series.

The Schwinn-Stranger Things bike is available on Amazon, and it retails for $349.99.

I love the look of this bike! There’s just something about bikes from the 80s that are so awesome. I don’t know what it is, but super cool. I collect Stranger Things everything, and I don’t know how I can not get this bike.

Check out the image of the bike below, via Schwinn:

Lucas Sinclair Schwinn Bike – Credit: Schwinn
Lucas Sinclair Schwinn Bike – Credit: Schwinn /

Bikes are a huge part of Stranger Things. Obviously, most of our favorite characters aren’t old enough to drive, and they need their sweet bikes to get around the crazy town of Hawkins. Remember, back in season 1, when we got to see that epic bike chase that ended with Eleven making vans do front flips?

Hopefully, Schwinn and Stranger Things continue to partner with a new bike design every year. We’ve already seen Mike and Lucas’s bikes recreated for limited edition runs. We still have Will and Dustin’s bikes left, and I’m guessing we might see Eleven and Max riding some cool, new bikes in Stranger Things 3, as well.

The third season of the Netflix series premieres on Netflix on July 4, 2019.

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