When is Dead to Me season 2 coming to Netflix?

Dead To Me - Credit: Netflix
Dead To Me - Credit: Netflix /

Dead to Me season 1 has only just arrived on Netflix and hasn’t been renewed yet. If (when) it is, when will Dead to Me season 2 come to Netflix?

While Dead to Me hasn’t been renewed, there are high expectations that it will. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini have simply slain it as Jen and Judy. So, assuming that it is renewed, when will Dead to Me season 2 be on Netflix?

We don’t have an exact date but we can work out a projected date. Most Netflix shows take about 14 months between seasons, so we’re looking at around July 2020 for a second season. This sounds long, but it’ll be here before you know it. After all, you’re not telling me it doesn’t feel like yesterday that 2019 started, right?

This will depend on when the renewal comes in. Most of the time, it takes about two months to get a renewal, so then there are 12 months to write, produce, and go through post-production.

However, with the reaction Dead to Me has received, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show got an early renewal. This is a show that has been highly rated from the beginning, with (expectedly) the first episode being the lowest rated on IMDb. An early renewal could mean an earlier release. At the earliest, we’re looking at May 2020 for Dead to Me season 2.

There are high chances that Applegate and Cardellini will reprise their roles as Jen and Judy. After all, they are the leading ladies and their characters balance each other so perfectly. The show wouldn’t be worth watching without them. While there are certainly other characters that have been great, this show works purely because of its two leading ladies.

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Dead to Me season 1 is now available to stream in full on Netflix.

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