The Act Season Finale recap: Gypsy and Nick’s journey comes to an end

The Act -- "Look at the Stars" - Episode 108 -- Gypsy fights for her life by defending her actions, while Mel & Lacey realize that behind closed doors things were not always as they seemed. Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Joey King) and Nick (Cliff Chamberlain), shown. (Photo by: Brownie Harris/Hulu)
The Act -- "Look at the Stars" - Episode 108 -- Gypsy fights for her life by defending her actions, while Mel & Lacey realize that behind closed doors things were not always as they seemed. Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Joey King) and Nick (Cliff Chamberlain), shown. (Photo by: Brownie Harris/Hulu) /

In the eighth and final episode of The Act, Gypsy and Nick are on trial, and we see what really happened the night of Dee Dee’s murder.

When The Act’s Season Finale kicks off, Gypsy Blanchard and Nick Godejohn are on trial for murder. Their sentencing could be life in prison or the death penalty—both of which chill Gypsy to her core. The court asks how the tween fumbles which she replies to by pleading not guilty to the charges. As they are leaving the court, Nick encouragingly tells Gypsy not to give up.

During a private meeting between Gypsy and her lawyer, she expresses her fear of dying. She becomes extremely interested in the odds of her being executed. Her lawyer advises her that public reception will determine much of that so Gypsy has to make the jury sympathize with her.

What the lawyer suggests is Gypsy retrieve her medical records from Louisiana so she can prove that Dee Dee psychologically and physically manipulated her. But since Gypsy’s Power of Attorney was granted to her mother, she needs her dad to retrieve the documents for her.

Shortly after the hearing, Gypsy is sent over to the prison’s doctor. The doctor proceeds to remove the feeding tube without getting Gypsy’s permission. Gypsy comments on another doctor being gentler with the removal in the past. The doctor comments on Gypsy being one of the healthiest people she’s seen in jail. The tube is thrown away as a biohazard despite the girl’s request of keeping it. The tube holds little use but is significant as it’s the last thing she has to remember her mother by.

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At a phone recess in the prison, Gypsy gives her old friend Lacey a call. Lacey, however, isn’t so receptive. She feels hurt and asks if Gypsy has been able to walk this whole time. Instead of an answer, Gypsy comments on wanting to be like Lacey ever since they first met. Their conversation doesn’t end well and Lacey leaves abruptly.

Following that troubling visit, Gypsy’s dad shows up at the jail. Gypsy isn’t thrilled because she didn’t ask for a visit. She only wanted her medical records. Her dad explains why he left them and shares a large stack of medical papers. He explains that Dee Dee was lying the entire time about Gypsy’s medical issues.

Back in court, the medical records allow Gypsy to no longer be on trial with Nick. Instead, they will be sentenced separately. Gypsy’s defense is that she’s been abused. Nick looks devastated and openly shares that he only killed Dee Dee for Gypsy.

Then we are taken back to the night of Dee Dee’s murder. Gypsy and Dee Dee have a heartfelt chat in bed before Dee Dee falls asleep. Gypsy rushes to pack her suitcase but Nick arrives unexpectedly. Gypsy pops a pill before unsheathing the knife meant to be used to kill Dee Dee. She’s shaking as she hesitantly lets Nick into the house.

Nick looks equally worried at the front door but he takes hold of the knife in his gloved hands. The couple walks quietly to Dee Dee’s bedroom followed by Nick entering the room. The murder remains unseen but we can hear Dee Dee’s screams from Gypsy’s point of view. Gypsy can’t block out the yells even though she tries.

The house goes quiet after Nick finishes the job—he knocks on the bathroom door to let her know the deed is done. Nick looks unconcerned and jumps to kiss Gypsy. He’s covered in blood, and Gypsy attempts to wash the knife with shaky hands. Then, Gypsy frantically tries to take the blood off of Nick. There’s a large cut on his hand as they remove the gloves. They embrace after Gypsy places a bandage over the wound.

The couple goes to Gypsy’s bedroom, and Nick has sex with an unenthusiastic Gypsy. There’s no sense of urgency as they finish cleaning up the murder and packing for their journey. Gypsy puts on makeup before slowly picking out clothes. Eventually, they call a taxi, Gypsy frees her guinea pigs, and she smiles walking away from the home.

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One last look at the current day follows and it’s of Gypsy in her prison cell. She’s sitting alone but an imaginary manifestation of Dee Dee is sitting right next to her, granting Gypsy with a final moment of peace.

The Act’s end credits begin and state, “A year into her incarceration, Gypsy pleads guilty to second-degree murder. She is currently serving ten years. When she gets out, she is planning to start a family of her own. Nick Godejohn was convicted of first-degree murder. He is now serving life without parole.” How will Gypsy function as a mother?

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