5 reasons Disney+ should make an Incredibles TV spin-off

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3. We need more incredible villains

Another thing that marks out the Incredibles films is their smart, layered villains. Bird has a knack for creating antagonists we love to hate, who have understandable, if not totally sympathetic motives. What’s particularly unique about them is that they shine a light on the failures of superheroes. Both Syndrome and Screen Slaver have been let down by their heroes and have become warped individuals as a result.

An Incredibles TV show could introduce us to a whole host of new villains. Using the traditional season-arc structure, it could have the family face a new big bad every season. How about a hero turned bad? A crazy scientist? How about a family of supervillains, sort of like the anti-Parrs? The possibilities are as endless as Jack-Jack’s powers.

2. Focus on the kids

The Incredibles was all about Mr. Incredible’s journey. Incredibles 2 was about Elastigirl’s arc. I say it’s time the kids were in the driver’s seat.

I don’t mean that a show should invoke a time jump and age-up the kids. Bird has been clear that he doesn’t want to do this in the past. Instead, it could be a good idea to leave the parents’ problems behind for a moment and focus on how Dash and Violet deal with balancing their lives as kids with her superhero duties.

The films have certainly touched on this – e.g. Violet’s boy troubles and Dash having to settle for second place in a track race – but the “teen hero” concept is a well-tested one that can easily power an entire show. The fresh twist on this occasion would be that it follows two siblings dealing with it in their own ways.

1. It’s the franchise that needs it the most

Monsters at Work sounds like loads of fun, and you could make arguments for, say, a Toy Story show or a Finding Nemo spinoff. But The Incredibles is the most deserving of its own Disney+ series as it’s the only franchise that’s crying out for one.

The great thing about Pixar is that they put the story first, which means that the majority of their movies don’t need sequels. Those that do then tend to further close the door on future adventures. That’s not the case with the Incredibles as both films have left us wanting to see more of these characters.

Whereas there are only so many times Woody can get separated from his owner or Marlin can misplace a loved one, superheroes can save the day over and over again. It’s kind of in the job description, really.

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