5 good Netflix show recommendations this weekend

Image Credit: The Protector, acquired via Netflix media Center
Image Credit: The Protector, acquired via Netflix media Center /

Looking for something fun to watch this weekend? Here are 5 good Netflix show recommendations for you to try out.

The weekend is here which means it’s that time of the week where we put our feet up an binge watch something on Netflix. What should be the something though? With so much choice available on the streaming network it can be hard sometimes to choose.

It’s OK though. We’re here to help. We’ve gone and done all the hard work for you and have found 5 good Netflix show recommendations this weekend.

All of this weekend’s recommendations will become available on Friday, April 26, so you should be good to start binge-watching the series’ the moment you get a chance this weekend. Each one of them is a Netflix Original as well so expect unusual and engaging content; unlike anything, you will find on regular network TV.

1. Street Food

Up first is a Netflix Original that is sure to make you hungry. Street Food is a documentary style food series created by the team who brought us Chef’s Table. Taking us on a journey that quite literally travels the globe we get to see the cuisine that is regularly cooked on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand, Osaka, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, and much more.

With each episode lasting around 30 minutes and with nine episodes in total, you can easily get through all the new Netflix Original by the end of the weekend. Check out the official trailer for yourself just below!

2. Yankee

Up next is a Netflix Original that has slipped by us unnoticed; Yankee centers on a young entrepreneur from the United States, who, in an effort to protect those who he loves, crosses the US border into Mexico and becomes a drug lord.

This is a gritty, suspenseful and dark series that reminds me a lot of Narcos but with a Breaking Bad feel as well. Which is why I am surprised Yankee has not had as much as attention as it probably deserves.

Don’t be surprised if this one turns out to be a hidden gem. If you have time to watch this weekend, I highly recommend it.

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3. ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads

Time for a Netflix Original for all the music lovers out there and we have the perfect show for you this weekend. ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads I snow officially available to stream at your leisure.

Robert Leroy Johnson is the focus this time. The American blues singer and songwriter has become a legend, not only for his music but for his mystery’s death as well. A death that many believe has a supernatural element to it.

Check out the trailer for ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads yourself just below!

4. The Protector season 2

Right. We’re going to take at The Protector season 2 now, a fantasy drama set in Istanbul. Both seasons 1 and 2 of the Netflix Original are available to stream now so if this is the first time you are hearing about the series you can easily get caught up.

The series focuses on a young man called Hakan Demir, who is an ordinary guy in Istanbul until he learns of his ties to a secret order. His entire world is the flipped upside down as he begins a journey that will see him try to keep Istanbul, and ultimately the world as we know it, safe form an immortal force.

A suspenseful and exciting series, it reminds me of the Shadowhunters series, not completely, but a little. Check out the trailer for season 2 below!

5. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 2

Last but not least, we have She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 2. A Netflix Original, in association with Dreamworks, that is the definition of the family binge. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is back for round two and all of the new episodes are available this weakened.

Expected more epic adventures and stories as She-Ra continues on her epic journey fighting against evil.

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