The Act episode 4 recap: Gypsy begins online dating when Dee Dee falls ill

The Act -- " " -- Dee Dee Blanchard (Patricia Arquette), Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Joey King) shown. (Photo by: Brownie Harris / Hulu)
The Act -- " " -- Dee Dee Blanchard (Patricia Arquette), Gypsy Rose Blanchard (Joey King) shown. (Photo by: Brownie Harris / Hulu) /

The fourth episode of The Act focuses on Dee Dee’s struggle with diabetes and her battle to maintain legal control over Gypsy. Gypsy takes care of her mom several times, which is a new challenge for the small family.

Episode 4, “Stay Inside” of The Act moves ahead yet another two years into the future, though not much has changed. Gypsy still has a shaved head and is sitting in a wheelchair. But after Dee Dee gives her a sponge bath, Gypsy stands up to towel off when her womanhood becomes all too clear.

Shortly after, the ladies celebrate Gypsy’s 18th birthday. Dee Dee claims her daughter’s birth year is 1995 again, not 1991 like her medical card indicates. Her gift, however, is a pair of adorable guinea pigs.

During the celebration, Gypsy gets some time with Lacey while letting the guinea pig’s breath some fresh air outside. Lacey introduces Gypsy to a Christian dating website, and they gaze at a couple of handsome guys.

While the two young adults converse outside, Dee Dee’s health comes into focus. She has a visit with a doctor discussing the severity of her Type II diabetes and it’s serious. At the same time, Dee Dee gets a call from a health clinic stating Gypsy will need to sign consent for an invasive surgery now that she’s 18 years old.

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The clinic comments on the birth year inaccuracies mentioning the Medicaid card saying 1991. Either way, Gypsy is 18 now, and Dee Dee will need a lawyer to help become Gypsy’s legal guardian.

During a meeting with their lawyer, Dee Dee learns that a judge would have to view Gypsy as incapacitated for Dee Dee to become the guardian. The courts don’t care that her daughter is in a wheelchair. Gypsy would need to be mentally incapacitated for them to see the necessity of Dee Dee becomingthe guardian.

Gyspy regains some freedom as she is granted the privilege of shopping Dee Dee’s list while her mom rests her bright red feet. Gypsy buys herself a laptop and hides it under a car seat. She quickly joins the dating website once she has privacy at home. Gypsy starts talking to a guy from the dating website, Nick. They video-chat and he mentions having multiple personalities. His dark personality is Victor the Vampire.

The fight for guardianship ends once Dee Dee decides being power of attorney may be just as important. She guilts Gypsy into signing the POA forms by telling her she can get into a lot of trouble for lying as an adult. Gypsy confides in Nick stating she doesn’t need a wheelchair and that she feels trapped. Nick awkwardly decides to introduce Gypsy to BDSM thinking it will help cheer her up.

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Dee Dee discovers the secret laptop the next day and smashes it to pieces. Gypsy stands up to her mom and says she will buy another one. Dee Dee freaks out and tries to tie her to the bed. Gypsy spits in her mom’s face which brings Dee Dee back to crying instead of screaming. But Gypsy decides to stay home instead of running away.

Will the caregiver role change from mother to daughter? Will Gypsy continue a relationship with Nick?

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