Lori Loughlin not likely returning to Fuller House

Fuller House - Credit: Adam Rose / Netflix
Fuller House - Credit: Adam Rose / Netflix /

Fuller House season 5 won’t have Aunt Becky in the picture. Lori Loughlin is likely not returning to the series due to the elite school scandal.

Lori Loughlin has found herself in the middle of the elite school scandal and it’s putting her acting career in jeopardy. Deadline reports that she’s not likely returning to Fuller House season 5.

At the time of writing this, an official decision has not yet been announced. However, with Hallmark dropping her from all its movies, the writing is on the wall. According to a source, Loughlin is definitely not reprising her role of Aunt Becky in the fifth and final season of the Netflix comedy series.

Writing for the season has only really just begun. There’s been no filming yet so it won’t be too difficult to quickly write the character out of the series. Plus, Loughlin was just a guest star, which makes writing her out even easier. Just a few lines about her leaving San Francisco and the job is done. At least this is nothing like Hallmark’s need to reshoot a number of movies because they were already done with Loughlin in the roles!

According to TMZ, a source says there are no plans for Loughlin to return for Fuller House season 5. It’s not clear if that meant there were originally no plans or this has changed since the scandal.

It’s not that surprising that Netflix, and Warner Horizon TV, would take the line of firing the guest star. Last year, there was a behind-the-scenes shuffle after Jeff Franklin was fired due to the harassment scandal. Netflix also fired House of Cards‘ Kevin Spacey due to his own scandal. With parents, college-aged children, and more outraged at the recent elite school scandal, it’s not surprising networks and studios are getting behind dismissing those involved.

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