Netflix should partner with Warner Bros. TV to revive Constantine

NBC canceled Constantine back in 2015, but now Warner Brothers are developing a new Constantine show. Netflix should pick it up.

It was a sad day for many devoted fans when, back in 2015 and after just one season, NBC decided to cancel Constantine. Despite a massive fan campaign to save the show, their cries were not heard and it remained with only one season to its name.

According to a report from We Got This Covered, Warner Bros. TV is in talks Developing a new Constantine show. This could be, in part, due to the massive response they saw from fans after the animated Constantine series that became known as the feature-length Constantine: City of Demons that was shown on the CW seed online streaming platform. Matt Ryan also returned as Constantine for several appearances in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that aired in 2018.

With this new show development, Warner Bros. TV also wants Ryan back to play the role which will undoubtedly please many fans.

Just where will Constantine be next though? The CW seems like the most likely place for this series, but we have a much better place in mind: Netflix.

The streaming service would be the best place for John Constantine to reappear in style. Netflix would probably be the new show’s best option given the fact that many Marvel shows are no longer continuing at Netflix. This would be the perfect opportunity for a DC show to get under Netflix’s wing.

We all know that a popular character like Constantine going to Netflix would mean more subscribers heading to the streaming service, too.

With Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing airing this May, The DC Universe has definitely now got itself truly going. The much-loved character makes an appearance in the Swamp Thing comics, so there is hope that perhaps he may show up in season 1 of the new show. He was also very much-loved in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow so fans may also find him popping up more within the Arrowverse.

Considering all that, the show will likely end up at The CW like a lot of the Warner Bros. TV shows. All we know is, that wherever Constantine next makes an appearance, fans will go wild. Let’s hope that Warner Bros. TV gives us more information on their new show and not keep fans in too much suspense in the meantime!