The Battle of the Netflix Boyfriends: Who do you think is the best?

To All The Boys I've Loved Before | Photo courtesy of Netflix
To All The Boys I've Loved Before | Photo courtesy of Netflix /

If you compare boyfriends from different romance movies, can you determine who is the best?

Netflix has been giving us the romance movies that we need and love! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and romance is in the air. Netflix did a video featuring some of the favorite boyfriends in their movies. Peter Kavinsky from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before vs. Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth. Both of these movies and both of these guys are great, but who is the better boyfriend?

In this video, Netflix has different categories to rate the guys on. I never thought to put these guys side by side and compare them. When you see the video, it was hard to see who the better boyfriend is. You see one clip and you think it is Noah is the better boyfriend. You then see a clip of Peter Kavinsky and you think he is the better boyfriend. It is hard to make a decision.

Here is the list of categories that these guys are judged on:

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  • The First Impression
  • Their Swoon
  • Their Smile
  • Physical Attributes
  • First kiss
  • Their Ride
  • Their Drama

But why stop with these two guys, why not add a couple of more guys to the competition. Two other romance movies on Netflix with great boyfriends are in Charlie St. Cloud and A Cinderella Story.

In Charlie St. Cloud, we have Charlie St. Cloud of course. Charlie has had some bad things happen to him and sticks to himself. He ends up meeting the right girl and doing whatever he can to save her.

In A Cinderella Story, we have Austin Ames. He is the popular guy around school. He is more of a virtual boyfriend but does turn into a real one. Austin has met a girl who really gets him online. They have undeniable chemistry and want to eventually meet in person.

Netflix also shared another Battle of the Boyfriends video pitting Steve Harrington from Stranger Things and Sex Education’s Jackson.

These guys definitely make this decision a little bit more difficult. Grab some friends, have yourself a movie night, and decide who you think is the best boyfriend.

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