13 Reasons Why season 2, episode 9 recap: The Missing Page

13 Reasons Why - Credit: Beth Dubber / Netflix
13 Reasons Why - Credit: Beth Dubber / Netflix /

In “The Missing Page” season 2, episode 9 of 13 Reasons Why Mr. Porter confronts his guilt and Chloe fights the seeds of doubt.

Episode 9 of 13 Reasons Why is easily one of the best (if not the best) episode of the series so far. “The Missing Page” is an exercise in true honesty, as well as a smart commentary on the current attitude toward mental health in our nation. Grab those tissues and let’s jump in.

At the school, Mr. Porter is prepping for trial and is very unsure about what he’s “supposed to say” versus what might be true. He ruminates on that terrible day when he sent Hannah out of his office.

Meanwhile, Clay is at home telling his dad that Justin bailed in the night. He’s still upset with how his parents handled the whole thing. With his mom staying somewhere else, Clay feels it best to just move.

In the Walker home, Chloe has bailed on a breakfast date with Bryce’ parents. His mom seems to think that Chloe is reacting to the announcement made at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Tony is taking his own breakfast at Monet’s, where Caleb tracks him down. Caleb confronts him about his relationship with Lucas, the man from the gym.

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Also together are Tyler and Cyrus’ sister Mackenzie, who are taking their first date together at the movies. There, they cuddle up, kiss and a little bit more. After an embarrassing accident, Tyler bails.

At the Foley house, Justin’s mom has noticed the track marks from his heroin use. He, in turn, confronts her about why she stays with Meth Seth. Trouble’s brewing for Justin’s escape plan.

Trouble also manifests at school, where Clay is threatened by Bryce. He’s told to keep quiet and “watch himself.” Following this conversation, Clay is pulled into the principal’s office regarding his truancy. HIs schedule has been changed so that he is now forced to take an “Alternative Strategies and Solutions” course.

In another part of the school, Chloe is still upset with Bryce. She begins to ask him the tough questions and he tells her lies to cover himself. He plays the pity card hard and, unfortunately,  she ultimately buys into it. However, her discomfort returns when his bros come by.

Meanwhile, Cyrus and Tyler talk shop over the date with Mackenzie as well as their sinister plans for the future. In class, they’re surprised to see that Clay has been switched into the course. Cyrus considers him a kindred spirit and invites him to join in on the “boom” they’re planning to upset the powers that be.

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In court, Mrs. Bradley takes the stand, followed by Mr. Porter. As would be expected, the Baker’s attorney tears into him over his missing planner pages. When the opportunity presents itself, Dennis seizes the chance to ask him who Hannah said assaulted her. Mr. Porter gives Bryce’s name.

Soon it’s the school’s turn to question, and Mr. Porter should do well as he’s been coached for the stand. However, he unexpectedly falters, saying that he could, indeed, have done more for Hannah. In perhaps the most genuine and powerful scene of the series thus far, Mr. Porter imagines redoing that fateful meeting and stopping Hannah from leaving his office. He describes wanting to save the other girls out there who might be feeling what she felt. Finally, he apologizes to Mrs. Baker directly from the stand. Mr. Porter: the unexpected hero of 13 Reasons Why.

At the Foley house, Justin steals Seth’s money and bails. Before he leaves, he encourages his mom to go, too.

Back at school, Clay’s day is getting even worse. In the locker room, some boys throw a bag over Clay’s head and beat him up.

In a classroom, Zach asks Chloe if she listened to the tapes. She says yes, claiming that she still believes Bryce.

Meanwhile, Jessica is checking out her own man. Nina sets her up with a new guy, David, who she kisses on the spot.

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After school, Alex visits the Baker pharmacy, where he gets a job with Olivia. Their meeting is interrupted, however, when Olivia spots someone she knows through the window. She chases down the mother and daughter, confronting the mysterious young girl and asking her not to testify.

Coming down the street near Baker’s Drugs are Caleb and Tony. They discover that Tony’s car has been destroyed. Tony loses it, and the two physically fight as Caleb tried to calm him down. Tony is overcome with emotion, claiming that he can never admit what he’s done in the past to Caleb.

When day turns to night, Clay joins Tyler and Cyrus as they vandalize the school’s baseball field. Partway through, Clay gets distracted as he finally spots the mysterious Clubhouse. He runs off to pick up Justin and fill him in. After he’s gone, Tyler and Cyrus finish their work on the field.