25 Sense8 quotes that die-hard fans should know by heart

Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close
Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close /
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Sense8 Season 2 Murray Close/Netflix
Sense8 Season 2 Murray Close/Netflix /

21. “A future where our children never grow up knowing love as a wall, but only as a bridge.”

Capheus running for public office was the political campaign we all deserve in real life. Speaking before a large crowd, Capheus explains to those assembled who he is and why he is running.

Capheus highlights his parents’ origins, and how their tribes fought against their union. Their love was opposed by many and started a tribal war that resulted in Capheus’ father’s death. Capheus explains his hopes and dreams are the same as everyone else: a future where love is a bridge, not a wall.

Rather than fighting each other and creating division that fosters generations of preconceived notions and prejudices, Capheus proposes that we all embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences.

This election storyline was memorable for its ability to take Capheus’ hopeful nature and watching its effect on a much larger scale. Suddenly, Capheus’ hope and optimism aren’t just personality traits, but a meaningful contribution to a political movement to effect change.