25 Sense8 quotes that die-hard fans should know by heart

Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close
Sense8 - Photo Credit: Murray Close /
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1. “I am also a we.”

Well, what else would take the number one spot? In season 1, Nomi vlogged why she marches every year, and she concludes that she’s part of a global “we.”

The solidarity that’s to be found in this quote bled into the lives of the eight sensates as they discovered and explored their connection in seasons 1 and 2.

After Sense8 was canceled last year, fans rallied together and soothed themselves with the belief that they were one global cluster fighting for something that promotes love and diversity.

After Netflix relented and made a deal for a two-hour special, series co-creator, writer, and director, Lana Wachowski, wrote a letter to fans. In her letter explaining the cancellation and resurrection of Sense8, Ms. Wachowski acknowledged that the impossible had happened: Sense8 was coming back.

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With a name like Lana Wachowski and a title like The Matrix, one might think it’d be easy to get a two-hour special. Ms. Wachowski told us in her letter that wasn’t the case at all. Unable to resurrect Sense8 on her own, the global cluster (the fans) came together and mounted a loud and impressive fan campaign.

Just like Nomi, we are not just a lone person going through the motions in life. We are part of a global community, and Sense8 reminds us with this quote how connected we all are. Having that sort of outlook sends positivity and love out in the world, and the world could always use more both.